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Honey Kiss pt. 2

Title: Honey Kiss
Chapter: part 2
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk
Genre: AU, NC-17, Smut
Warning: Stuttering Hyukkie, KiBum in swimming trunks, Molesting Hyukkie, Unprotected Sex
Summary: “It’s alright baby, trust me, I’ll make you feel good"
Notes: Okay this is the next one! Don't die on me yet!!

“Touch me Hyukkie”, KiBum told HyukJae seductively, he laid on his side and led HyukJae’s fingers to wrap around his arousal. HyukJae’s breath caught in his throath when his shaky fingers wrapped around the growing appendage, he could feel KiBum’s organ came to life under his fingertips. A soft moan rose from KiBum’s mouth and he felt a bit more daring, pumping the hardened member with faster strokes.

KiBum couldn’t take it anymore, he hadn’t been this worked up since he was a horny high school teenager, jerking off to a porn magazine. Screw self control, he wanted HyukJae and he wanted the dancer now.

He removed HyukJae’s hand from his member and quickly covered the lithe body of the dancer with his own, kissing hungrily as hands roamed all over HyukJae’s body, pushing away HyukJae’s boxers in the process.

KiBum smirked to himself as he saw HyukJae’s organ was standing erect, precum dripped from the head, proving that the older man was as turned on as he was.

He took a bottle of lubrication from the side table, where it was always kept, he uncapped the bottle and poured some on his fingers. HyukJae was watching with curious eyes. He positioned HyukJae on his back, legs spread wide as he touched HyukJae’s opening.

“Ugh ...” HyukJae cried out as he felt a finger was sneaking in to his tight hole, “Ki ... KiBum ...”

“Relax, Hyukkie”, KiBum cooed.

“K-KiBum ... hurts ...” HyukJae moaned weakly, “KiBum ... I ... I never done this before”, he almost cried in embarassment.

KiBum was taken a back at the claim.

“You mean ... not even with a girl?”

HyukJae shook his head.

Now he must think that I’m such an idiot ... HyukJae thought. Maybe he shouldn’t said anything, just keep his mouth shut ... Kim KiBum he knew was a sex god, magazines reported how he boasted that he wanted experienced lovers, and how he dated a girl ten years his senior when he was just nineteen. He filled sex columns on tabloids and magazines, and with his fame, he must had all the lovers he wanted.

HyukJae was surprised when a kiss was planted on his lips, “It’s alright baby, trust me, I’ll make you feel good”, and KiBum nudged his legs apart to press another finger into HyukJae’s opening.

KiBum could feel HyukJae’s muscles relaxing and added another finger, he pushed and pulled, adding another finger and one more, until he could fit four fingers on HyukJae’s quivering opening. When he felt HyukJae was well lubricated, he put some more lube on his member.

“I’m going in”, KiBum warned.

One thing KiBum hated with virgins was because he didn’t like his sex partner to cry and lost during sex. But with HyukJae, he loved watching HyukJae’s face contorted beautifully as he pushed into HyukJae’s virgin hole, deep down inside, KiBum admitted it must be his ego, wanting HyukJae as his own and HyukJae would forever remember him as HyukJae’s first.

The first few thrusts were painful for HyukJae, but when KiBum changed the angle of his thrust, HyukJae felt something sparked inside of him. The jolt of electricity spread all over him, pooling on his groin, down to his toes, making them curled in pleasure.

HyukJae’s moans and pants filled KiBum’s ears, his body was tight with pleasure as KiBum reached into the places HyukJae never knew existed in his body. The pleasure was so strong, everytime KiBum’s arousal pressed against the sweet bundle of nerves inside him, HyukJae would moan harder. KiBum’s fingers tightened and loosened around HyukJae’s member, now over sensitive and ready to explode.

“I ... aah ... KiBum ... I ...” HyukJae never finished his sentence as he ejaculated against KiBum’s hand, his inner walls tightened with every spurt of his seed, causing KiBum to groan. He didn’t stop thrusting into the hot cavern.

When HyukJae was back from his high, he felt KiBum pulling away from his entrance and as he laid lifelessly on the bed, he could see KiBum was harder than before.

HyukJae felt horrible, did he just experienced premature ejaculation on the first time he had sex?

“Ki-KiBum?” he looked at his lover, biting his lower lip nervously, the actor was definitely not sated. Then an idea came to his mind, he turned around, presnting his back to KiBum on his four and spread his legs, “Put it in, KiBummie ...”

KiBum swore he could have came right there and then, HyukJae had no idea how sexy he could be! Unconsciously, KiBum moaned at the sight, HyukJae was there, all spread and ready just for him. His abused entrance pink and inviting, waiting to be ravaged.

Guiding his arousal, KiBum pressed the head against HyukJae’s opening. The sweet hole opened, welcoming him into HyukJae’s body and that was when KiBum lost his self control. He pulled away and slammed back into HyukJae’s inviting warmth, over and over again, causing HyukJae to whimper softly as KiBum slammed directly into the sensitive spot inside of him.

KiBum was slamming into HyukJae harder and harder by now, HyukJae felt himself grew harder, he reached between his legs and found his member was once again alive. He desperately tugging at his arousal, the double asault on his body was too much and HyukJae could feel himself getting closer to the edge once again.

KiBum suddenly tensed behind him, his hands dugged deeper into HyukJae’s skin, with enough force to leave bruises. His member twitched and tensed, before finally exploded inside HyukJae. His seed flooded HyukJae’s insides, the feeling was strange and yet very sexual for HyukJae. KiBum was still hard inside HyukJae when HyukJae followed suit and came for the second time with a groan. He milked his own organ with shaky fingers, his second orgasm was so hard, he could see stars.

HyukJae fell to the bed lifelessly, his energy drained with the two orgasms in a row, his legs could not support him anymore. He gave a low moan as KiBum pulled his spent erection out and laid next to him on the soft bed.

HyukJae thought he fell asleep, because the next thing he knew the lights were on in the room, and the cover was pulled over his naked body. He felt sticky and when he tried to move, pain shot from his back and he remembered what happened.

How did a simple question turned to be a hot sex?

KiBum was next to him on the bed, his eyes closed.

Then the thoughts came to his head. What would happen next? Of course KiBum was well known for his sexual habit, he changed partners very often and the tabloids put headlines about KiBum’s one night stands almost every week. But HyukJae was not ready to be thrown to the side after a round or two of sex.

What if this was just a one time thing for KiBum? Could he handle it? HyukJae started to panic.

Suddenly, an arm came to hold him and soon a leg was draped around his lower body. HyukJae yelped in surprise and blushed as he felt their most private area brushed against each others in the new position.

“Do you always think that much after sex?” KiBum whispered in his ear.

“Ugh ... well ...uh ...” HyukJae couldn’t even think of a comeback at that.

KiBum opened his eyes and looked deep into HyukJae’s, “I don’t want this to be just a one time thing between us, I want to have a relationship with you, do you want to be in a relationship with me, HyukJae?”

HyukJae opened his mouth, but no replies came out. He blinked and looked back at KiBum, did he hear it right?

“Does that mean ... we’re together?” he finally found the ability to form a complete sentence. He felt really dumb afterwards, he should’ve came with a better answer!

“If you want to, yes we’re together”, KiBum replied casually.

“Ye-Yes! Of course! I mean ... I do want to have a relationship with you!”

KiBum smiled at HyukJae’s answer, he kissed HyukJae’s swollen lips, “Let’s start a scandal!”

HyukJae emitted a high pitched eeep sound as KiBum glomped him on the bed, he couldn’t say anything anymore because his words were swallowed by KiBum’s kisses.

“You were saying?” KiBum smirked at HyukJae as he pulled away from their kiss.

“... sticky ...” HyukJae answered, running out of breath

“Let’s go take a shower!” KiBum kicked the cover off their bodies and pulled HyukJae to the bathroom.

And they live happily ever after

Tags: honey kiss, kihyuk, smut

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