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Silk 3/3

Title: Silk 3/3
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk, HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Genre: AU, historical, smut,
Warning: rape, NC-17, bad KiBum, death, terrible effort to make a historical fic
Summary: A warrior and a temple virgin.
Notes: Okay the ending is BAD. Even I am not satisfied with how it ends. But if you want to give this chapter a try ... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Have a nice reading!

Silk 3/3

“HyukJae, take this to KiBum, will you?”

HyukJae took the tray from the middle aged woman, she was KiBum’s mother, and since he was belong to KiBum, he was given the chores to help KiBum’s family’s household chores. They were the chores usually given to a daughter-in-law, like helping KiBum’s mother to cook, clean KiBum’s living quarter, washing, and taking water from the well. HyukJae didn’t find the chores to be difficult to handle, he was used to work with more chores as he grew up in the temple, but what bothered him more was the chores he had to do for KiBum when the night fell.

“You should eat the soup too, it’s cold and you need to stay warm”, the lady added.

“I will”, HyukJae replied, “Thank you Umma”.

Before any of these happened, HyukJae always dreamed to be able to call someone Umma, Mother ... but he never thought that he would litterally had a mother under this circumstances.

Apparently KiBum had talked to his elders that he had chose HyukJae as his lover, mate, wife, or whatever he wanted to call it, although no one mistreated HyukJae, he didn’t wish to stay in KiBum’s tribe forever.

The question was, where should he leave to?

HyukJae put the tray on the low table, KiBum was having guests in this tent, and as usual, KiBum wanted him present to serve the guests. This time they were KangIn, KiBum’s cousin, and his wife, the lovely LeeTeuk.

HyukJae served the soup quietly, bowing his head submissively.

“... since the baby is coming by the end of Spring, we won’t be travelling far this year”, KangIn said, gently carresing his wife’s stomach.

“You’ll be handling another brat then”, KiBum commented to LeeTeuk.

“I wanted to have a girl, so she could be as pretty as her mom”, KangIn replied.

“You can’t decide that, KangIn”, LeeTeuk only smiled at the comment.

KiBum tore his eyes from the couple t HyukJae, he took a bowl of soup and handed it to HyukJae, “You need to eat”.

HyukJae looked up at him, surprised.

“Eat, you need the energy if you want to beat me and go home”, he told HyukJae with a smile.

HyukJae did as he was told, he ate slowly while KiBum and KangIn laughed and LeeTeuk sometimes replied to both men.

“Why don’t you get us more wine, Hyukkie? You know where they are, right?” KiBum asked as they finished eating. HyukJae nodded and stood up to get the wine quietly.

“Do you need help, Hyukkie?” LeeTeuk offered.

“It’s alright, he can do it by himself, you’re my guest now”, KiBum stopped LeeTeuk from standing up and helping HyukJae.

KiBum somehow liked to show him around as a host. The task was not hard for HyukJae, living in the temple, he was used to work from early morning to late at night since he was very young. In fact, he would preferred these chores rather than the things he had to do in his old life, and no one scolded him when he was doing his chores, while in the temple he was either too stupid, too clumsy or too slow for almost everything he did.

“What take you so long, HyukJae?” KiBum asked when HyukJae came with the wine.

HyukJae said nothing, he filled the cups with wine.

“Not me, thank you, I shouldn’t drink”, LeeTeuk said to HyukJae before HyukJae poured wine to her cup.

“He’s really quiet isn’t he?” KangIn motioned to HyukJae with a small laugh.

“He’s louder at night time”, KiBum gave a smug smile, “He only gets loud with me”, his comment brought HyukJae’s cheeks turned red in embarassment, “Come and drink, Hyukkie”, KiBum pulled HyukJae to his lap.

HyukJae tried to struggle away but KiBum already had him in his lap, he tipped the cup to HyukJae’s mouth and before HyukJae could break free, the liquid filled his mouth. HyukJae had no choice but to swallow, the thin liquid left a taste of sweetness before it burned his throath down to his stomach.

“Your wife is so innocent”, KangIn teased.

“Of course, he’s the best”, KiBum laughed.

When the last cup of wine was drank by the two, and finally KangIn and LeeTeuk left the tent, HyukJae closed the door.

It was the time he dreaded the most. It would be the time when KiBum would ask him to do his task, the task he hated the most.

“HyukJae”, he could hear his name being called, “What are you waiting for? Come to bed ...”
DongHae opened his eyes and found that he was lying in a strange place. The last thing he remembered was walking alone in the snow. He was trapped in the middle of a snow storm with no shelter, it was cold, really cold ... and then DongHae could only felt darkness.

“Are you awake, young man?” an old man came to his side.

“Y-yes”, DongHae tried to sit up, “Where am I?”

“You’re at my hut”, the old man said, “What is your name, young man? And what are you doing in the middle of the snow like that?”

“My name is DongHae”, DongHae replied, “Thank you for saving me, sir, but I’m afraid I have to go, I need to find my ... lover.”

“Not so fast, young man”, the old man stopped him, “It’s still dangerous to go outside in this weather, you’ll end up being dead and waste our effort to save you.”

An old woman came with a bowl of boiled herbs, she helped DongHae to drink the liquid. It tasted awful but DongHae finished it, he felt much warmer after drinking the herbs.

“Thank you”, he told the woman who smiled back at him.

“You’re not going anywhere until the weather is clear, why don’t you tell us where you come from and what happened to your lover?”

DongHae nodded, “Alright ... but I have to thank you first for saving me and taking care of me in the first place, I come from the southern river, I was born in a village across the river, and my lover was taken by the Kim clan, when they came to raid my village ...” DongHae explained.

“The Kim clan?” the old man looked surprised, he and his wife exchanged wary look, “Are you planning to take your lover back, young man?”


“Do you know what you’re doing young man?”

“I am ready to face anything to get my lover back”, DongHae replied with determination.

The woman sighed and the old man looked at DongHae, “I don’t think you know what you’ll be dealing with, but you got good spirit.”

Just then DongHae saw the sword at the wooden table behind the old man. It had the same mark as the Kim clan’s mark. DongHae sat up, allert.

“You’re from the Kim tribe!” DongHae exclaimed.

“I was one of them years a go ... but not anymore”, he replied, “Now it’s just me and my wife here... they abandoned me long time a go but that’s another story.”

“...” DongHae was not sure if he should believe the old man or not, but his own sword was not around and he was lying helpless with almost no defense at all. This man could just kill him easily if he wanted to but he let DongHae live and even helped DongHae.

“If you can keep up your spirit and strength, I can help you to get to the Kim tribe and maybe get your lover back”, the old man said.

“Y-you will?” DongHae was surprised to hear the offer.

“You better rest today so we can start tomorrow.”

“Thank you sir!”
“.... aaah ... hhaaa ...” HyukJae moaned loudly as KiBum used his fingers to tease his insides.

“Is it here, HyukJae?” KiBum curled his finger, trying to find the special spot that would make HyukJae moans louder.

“N-nn-no ... ah ...” HyukJae tried to answer.


“Uuugh ...”

“I can’t find it if you don’t tell me, Hyukkie ...” KiBum used his third finger to fuck HyukJae’s tight hole.

“Aah ... ah ... almost ... y-yes ...” HyukJae’s moan only escalated as KiBum found the spot, “Aaah ... Ah ... Nnng ... P-please ... ah ... there ....”

“Here?” KiBum smirked.

“Aaah ... y-yes ... yes ... K-KIBUM!” HyukJae saw stars behind his closed eyes as KiBum continued to play with the bundle of nerves, “Nnnh ...”

KiBum stopped HyukJae’s hand before it reached his arousal, he pulled his fingers off HyukJae’s opening, “Not now Hyukkie”, he said, turning HyukJae so he was no longer on his four.

HyukJae looked at KiBum, who pulled him to his lap.

“That’s it”, KiBum made HyukJae kneeled on his lap, he sat back, “You like it don’t you?”

“I ...” HyukJae’s face blushed in embarassment.

“Tell me or we can play this all night”, KiBum traced his finger on HyukJae’s smooth cheek.

HyukJae gulped, every night KiBum would play a new game that seemed to be degrading him even more as the days went by. He made HyukJae moaned and screamed in the first few nights, then he started to make HyukJae vocalized what he wanted and how he felt, as if trying to prove that he was not raping HyukJae, making sure that HyukJae enjoyed the sex, but in HyukJae’s mind, what KiBum did only rubbed salt to his wounds. He was violated, taken against his will, and humiliated.

“Come HyukJae, do you like it or not?” KiBum tugged at HyukJae’s erect member softly, he gave a smug smile as HyukJae whimpered at the sensation. He really knew how to play with HyukJae’s body, tugging and touching all in the right places.

“I...I like it ...” HyukJae finally said, cheeks red in embarassment.

“I know you do”, KiBum pulled HyukJae so he was straddling KiBum’s lap, he positioned HyukJae so he was hovering above his erection, “I’m the one who makes you feel good, right Hyukkie?”

“Aah ...” HyukJae moaned loudly as his hole stretched wider to accept KiBum’s shaft as KiBum lowered his body, “S-stop ...p-please” HyukJae panted.

“It’ll feel good ...” KiBum kissed HyukJae’s face, giving special attention to his swollen red lips.

“T-too fast ... uuhg ... you’re b-big”, HyukJae replied, “... hurts ... Aaah ... Ki-KiBum ... wa-wait ...”

KiBum smiled to himself, HyukJae had no idea how much he was turning him on. He couldn’t brace himself anymore and flipped their position, with HyukJae under him, he could fuck HyukJae harder and controls the movements.

HyukJae screamed as suddenly KiBum rammed into him, harder and this time he couldn’t do anything to push KiBum away. KiBum’s engorged organ was pushing impatiently into his hole, as much as he was prepared before, he was not ready for this.

“Aah ... ngg ... Ki-KiBum no ... slower ... haaa ... please ...”

“That’s right Hyukkie, call my name ...”

HyukJae closed his eyes, he tried to accept the intrusion and relax his muscles, it always took a while for him to get used to the sex but sometimes KiBum was just too impatient to wait for him.

Gradually, the pain lessened as KiBum found the special spot inside HyukJae, with every thrust he made, he sent shudder down to HyukJae’s groin.

“Mine ... HyukJae, you’re mine ...” KiBum chanted and he bit down on HyukJae’s neck as he filled HyukJae with his cum. HyukJae felt the hot seed staining his insides, he closed his eyes and bit his lip in order to stop himself from crying.

KiBum pulled out his softening arousal off HyukJae, completely oblivious to HyukJae’s emotion. He gave a tug to HyukJae’s still hard organ.

“Finish up”, KiBum sat back on the matress, leaving HyukJae in puzzle, “Come for me Hyukkie, I want to watch”, he ordered.

Sensing no movement from the smaller man, KiBum used his own hand and laced HyukJae’s fingers with his to assist him in palming HyukJae’s arousal. Defeated, HyukJae did as he was forced to do, soon KiBum released his hand and HyukJae was already lost in his pleasure.

“H... aaah ... ngg ...” HyukJae whimpered, he was getting closer and closer. His hand worked faster around his own arousal and soon HyukJae arched his back and shot his load all over himself and the sheets.

HyukJae was still panting when KiBum pulled him to lay down.

“You’re forever mine”, KiBum kissed the area where he bit HyukJae earlier, a purple bruise was starting to form.
It was the beginning of spring, the snow had gone completely and the air was much warmer now, HyukJae opened the door of the tent he shared with KiBum as he heard the commotion outside the tent, children were running and women talked in low tones, men looked serious and some of the discussed about something with frowning faces.

It was definitely not normal. Something was happening and HyukJae was starting to wonder what was going on? HyukJae heard two warriors were talking as they walked past him, they mentioned about a village at the southern river and HyukJae’s eyes widened.

It was the place where he was born!

He tried to hear more and he could only caught something about raiding and a warrior coming. But when he tried to eaves drop more, one of the men realized that he was listening and quickly stopped talking. They both gave him suspicious eyes and quickly left.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the camp site, KiBum could not believe his eyes. The stranger coming to their tribe demanded to have HyukJae back and KiBum sensed trouble coming.

“Lee DongHae, you should know that HyukJae is berothed to KiBum, one of our best warriors here, we can not allow you to take him because he is a part of Kim Clan now”, the head of the clan, KiBum’s uncle, spoke.

“I must say the berothal is unacceptable by customs, because HyukJae is my lover and he was taken away from my village when I was away ...” DongHae replied, he knew he was lying, HyukJae had never been his lover but he had gone this far and he couldn’t lose HyukJae again. He knew HyukJae was in this tribe although he hadn’t seen HyukJae. The man in front of him, standing next to the elder’s, he was KiBum? So he was the man who raped HyukJae and kidnapped him. DongHae’s blood boiled at the thought. Now he had to play his part right to get HyukJae, others could wait, he thought.

“How is my berothal not acceptable by customs?!” KiBum questioned, anger coating his tone.

“Calm down KiBum, we are trying to find an accountable answer to this matter”, the chief of the clan said, “How is HyukJae’s taking is unacceptable by customs, explain, Lee DongHae!”

“HyukJae was taken away when I was not in my village, you see, I was away to do some tasks my father gave me during that time, and according to customs, a man has the right to defend his mate with his life so you should’ve killed me before you take HyukJae and claim him as yours!”

DongHae was glad that he was saved by the old man and his wife. He stayed with them the whole winter and they taught him many things. Apparently, the old man was a warlord of his time, he lost his tribe to another warlord and he’d been living in isolation on his hut with his wife since then. He told DongHae about the customs and laws of the tribes and he also trained DongHae with his sword. DongHae was most grateful for his help and he knew he owed the old man his life.

“You know our customs and laws very well, Lee DongHae, it is true that a man should have the chance to fight for his mate before another warrior could claim his mate as his own”, the warlord finally agreed, “But on what prove could you claim that HyukJae is your lover?”

DongHae pulled a string from under his coat, on the thin snare was a key.

“HyukJae was wearing the same key on his neck on the day he was taken”, he glared at KiBum, “You must have seen it.”

KiBum’s face darkened. He recognized the key as the thing he threw aside on the first night HyukJae was with him.

“And one more thing”, DongHae said, “HyukJae was not a virgin when he was taken.”

KangIn’s eyes met KiBum’s in alarm. If DongHae decided to tell the elders that KiBum raped a vestal boy, things could get really ugly for all of them. Although KangIn and KiBum didn’t give a damn care about the superstitious, some of the elders still believed the curse and even the head chief.

DongHae was tempted to spit the fact that HyukJae was a temple virgin before KiBum raped him, but he wasn’t sure if they would let him take HyukJae just like that if they knew that. A temple virgin who could not keep the oath was deemed to be a bad luck, or even a curse, most people would rather not be associated with the the failed vestal. At some tribes, it even resulted in death for the failed vestal temple.

“KiBum, do you have anything to say?”

“I do not acknowledge the proof you claimed”, KiBum quickly opposed.

“Can you prove otherwise?” DongHae challenged.

KiBum’s face hardened. He was ready to lunge into DongHae and fight him there and then. No one can take his HyukJae from him! And this liar successfully convincing the elders about HyukJae being his lover and even twisting the laws and customs to his advantages!

KangIn frowned, signalling him to calm down. KiBum took a deep breath to calm himself.

“Then according to our customs and laws, I shall challenge you for a duel”, KiBum said.

“That is what I came here for”, DongHae answered calmly.

“Then it’s settled, the duel will start in mid day today, both of you can use your weapon of choice, if you win, Lee DongHae, you are free to go with HyukJae”.

DongHae had already guessed what will happen if he loses. KiBum would definitely enjoys killing him. He could see the hatred clearly drawn in KiBum’s face when he pleaded his proof to the elders.

What they didn’t know was the lone figure listening to the conversation at the back of the tent. As quick as a mouse, the figure left before the men finished the talk. But he had to stop as he stumbled against someone on his effort to leave without seen.

“HyukJae? Wh- ...”

HyukJae didn’t let LeeTeuk finished her sentence, he quickly left.

He didn’t know what to think. He was happy beyond words to see DongHae coming to save him, that means he could leave this tribe, DongHae would take him away, so he didn’t have to see KiBum again, he was free!

But then a thought came to his mind. What would DongHae think of him? After all the things KiBum made him do ... Would he still wanted to be with HyukJae? Not only the rape, but HyukJae had enjoyed KiBum’s touch. He had came many times under KiBum’s ministrations, and he even did so many dirty things. DongHae didn’t know that, and when he knew, he would be disgusted.

“No ...” HyukJae shook his head, DongHae came to find him and even willed himself to be dragged into a duel against KiBum for HyukJae’s sake, while HyukJae was not the person he thought HyukJae was.

I am dirty DongHae-ah ... I don’t worth your heart ...
“Stay calm”, KangIn warned KiBum, “You’ve got him, HyukJae is yours, all you have to do now is stay calm and win this, I know you can win this duel, you’re good, but you need to stay calm.”

“Thanks Hyung”, KiBum said back, “I’ll remember that.”

“Now go and prepare yourself for the duel”, KangIn ordered.

KiBum went to his tent and was surprised to find the door was closed. HyukJae always let the door open during the day, he liked the fresh air. Was he sick?

“HyukJae?” KiBum pushed the door open.
In the end, nobody wins.

The duel never happened.

DongHae was preparing himself for the duel when the news struck him.

HyukJae killed himself with the poison used to kill fish. He took the poison and died just minutes before DongHae and KiBum’s fight.

KiBum lashed like a mad beast, his people had to restrain him from killing DongHae, but DongHae didn’t care, he was devastated himself.

When things had finally calmed down, DongHae was allowed to see HyukJae, despite KiBum’s protests, one of the elders allowed him to see HyukJae’s body. When he finally saw the face that had been in his dreams in the past months in flesh, DongHae couldn’t believed his own eyes that HyukJae was dead.

HyukJae’s eyes were closed, he seemed to be asleep peacefully. DongHae touched the pale cheek and found it still warm.

“Hyukkie, why can’t you wait for me ...” a single tear escaped his eyes.

He wished he could stay longer, but he was told to leave. They would give HyukJae a proper burial as a member of the tribe, but DongHae was an outsider, he should leave the camp site soon.

“Good bye Hyukkie”, he planted a kiss on each closed eyes before leaving. It was the last time he ever saw HyukJae.

DongHae never returned to his village, he went to live with the old man and his wife. He did many chores for them and in time, they thought of him as their son. They offered him to get marry many times, but DongHae always refused. He could never forget HyukJae ...

DongHae was cutting woods for fire when he felt someone was coming from his back. He turned around and saw the face he could never forget.

“H-HyukJae?” he couldn’t believe his own eyes.

The stranger frowned, “My name is EunHyuk!”

“Oh ... sorry, you look really familiar”, DongHae said back, “I’m DongHae, is there anything I can help you with?”

“Actually I come here to meet my Uncle and Aunt, they used to live in this area but I think I’m lost because as far as I know they live alone ... do you happen to know them?”

DongHae smiled, this would be very interesting ...

"Of course they still live here, they're inside ... let me take you to them ..."


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