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2nd batch of drabbles!

Title: 2nd batch of drabbles
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: everybody X hyuk
Rating: NC-17, SMUT
Notes: 2nd batch!! I was planning to post all of these drabbles once i am finish writing them all, but some of you already read this so it's no longer a surprise :P

Drabble 4:

Title: The Interrogation Room
Pairing: KyuMinHyuk 3P
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Drug use, non-con, evil!sungmin, toys

HyukJae opened his eyes and found that he was bound in a chair that reminded him of a dentist’s, bright light invaded his eyes and he felt slightly light headed.

“Hello ...”, a sweet tone greeted his ears and when he looked to his side, a man was sitting on a chair next to him, “Lee HyukJae, right?” he looked almost cute with his chubby cheeks and soft features, but something told HyukJae not to fall into the trap.

“Y-yes ... who are you? Why am I here?”

“This one is impatient Hyung”, another man came to his vision, this man was taller with handsome face, his skin was pale but despite that he possessed some kind of hidden strength, “That’ll be good.”

“My name is SungMin and my friend here is KyuHyun”, SungMin smiled sweetly, but something told HyukJae that this man was dangerous, “We’re from the SJ13...” HyukJae recognized SJ13 as a well known underground organization, specializing in stealing informations of large companies, and he shuddered, why would they want to do anything with him?

“... we have some questions we need to ask you regarding your job at SM, will you cooperate, HyukJae?” SungMin continued

HyukJae knew he was in trouble, now that he looked around the room he was in seemed to be a torture chamber or some sort. Various devices decorated the wall and a tray with strange items were on the table next to SungMin.

“Please ... I don’t know anything ...” HyukJae begged, “I’m just a junior accountant!”

“Of course you won’t answer them easily”, he took a vial from the tray and filled an injection with the clear liquid, “We don’t do this very often but since you’re so cute ...” he took HyukJae’s bounded arm and injected the drug to HyukJae’s vein, “We can do this the hard way or the easy way”, SungMin continued, “Tell me the password for the main computer at SM.”

HyukJae shook his head, “I don’t know!”

“Very well then”, SungMin’s smile widened, “I was hoping that you won’t cooperate anyway”, he stood up, “I’ll be back, make yourself comfortable then”, he went to the door and KhyuHyun followed him.

HyukJae laid bound at the chair for almost an hour, his blood pumped the drug and slowly it started to take effect. HyukJae felt hot and despite the air conditioned room, the heat was getting worse. A strange feeling pooled on his stomach, spreading the heat all over his body. HyukJae tried to break free from his bound but he couldn’t, the straps securing his limbs were leather and they were perfectly secured. Sweat started to form on his skin, adding his discomfort.

After what seemed like eternity, the door was opened by KyuHyun, who smirked at the sight of HyukJae. SungMin followed him cheerfully.

“Look at you, you’re all sweaty and sticky”, SungMin commented, “Let’s get these off shall we?” he took a knife from the table and fear filled HyukJae’s gut, “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you with this ...” he cooed at HyukJae. With a trained swiftness, SungMin cut through HyukJae’s jeans and shirt.

“No! What are you doing?!” HyukJae struggled to escape the knife as it reached his underwear.

“Don’t struggle, HyukJae, you’ll hurt yourself”, SungMin warned, before he divested HyukJae from the last stitch of his clothing.

“He looks cuter this way”, KyuHyun joined SungMin in front of HyukJae, his eyes watched the sight in front of him with the sharpness of an eagle’s eyes.

SungMin smirked, “Yeah he is ...” he traced the knife on HyukJae’s skin, from his chest down to his stomach, HyukJae felt humiliated, he was naked in front of the leering eyes, the two interrogators didn’t ask him any questions, they exchanged comments about his bodyparts, embarrassing him even further. And to his further humiliation, HyukJae saw his member started to grow.

“Now Hyukkie”, SungMin used the remote and the foot of the chair separated themselves to the side, parting HyukJae’s legs in the process, “We’ll ask you a few questions, you’ll answer them, right?”

“I don’t know anything! No ... Aaah ... What are you doing?!” HyukJae screamed, SungMin’s fingers were touching his opening, it was slick with something, and persistently pressing into him, forcing its way into HyukJae’s most private part.

“Just answer the question Hyukkie and we’ll get through this without getting too messy”, SungMin said, “Give me the thin one”, he told KyuHyun, the younger man gave SungMin a long device from the tray, “Thank you KyuHyun”.

“Wha-... aaaah .... haaa”, HyukJae emmited a high pitched scream as the small device entered his body forcefully, it was thin, probably not thicker than SungMin’s finger, SungMin pushed it further, although HyukJae’s body refused the intrusion.

“Don’t be stubborn, Hyukkie, just enjoy it”, SungMin pushed it deeper, and suddenly it hit something inside HyukJae, making him moan, “That’s it, we’re getting there ...” SungMin pressed a button at the end of the toy and it started to vibrate.

HyukJae’s moans escalated as KyuHyun’s calloused fingers started to pump on his member. He forgot about everything, his head swam with the strange sensations, and suddenly he reached his peak with SungMin and KyuHyun toying with his body.

As HyukJae came back from his orgasmic stage, he felt the toy being pulled away from him with the ever smiling SungMin.

“HyukJae, what is the password to SM’s main computer?”

“I don’t kn-aaaah!” HyukJae felt a vibration attacking his senses, SungMin was pressing a small egg-like tool into his opening, “I don’t know ... aah ... no ... please ...”

“That is not the answer I want to hear, Hyukkie”, SungMin replied, using his finger to push the egg into HyukJae. The device popped in with no difficulties after SungMin’s preparation. HyukJae whimpered louder as the vibrating bullet slid into him. He tried to push the toy out of his body but SungMin kept pushing with his finger and he finally gave up.

“N-noo please ...! I don’t know! Aaah ...”

“You’re sensitive down here aren’t you?” SungMin chuckled, he pressed another similar device to HyukJae’s shaft, which was starting to grow harder and with SungMin’s ministration.

It didn’t take long for them to toy with HyukJae’s body until he came again for the second time. This time, the aftermath of his orgasm left HyukJae limp and weak.

“We can play this game all night, HyukJae-sshi”, SungMin cooed, “Now are you going to cooperate?”

“I... I can’t tell you ... My boss ... he’ll ... he’ll kill me ...” HyukJae cried out.

“Fine”, SungMin’s lips formed a tight line, “Give me the next one Kyu ...”

Two hours and many orgasms later, HyukJae was laying lifelessly, his breath was reduced to short pants and his skin slick with sweat and his own cum. SungMin had tried many of his toys on HyukJae and the result was satisfying. He had restracted almost all information he needed from the young accountant.

“990-333-876”, HyukJae answered breathlessly.

“That’s not so hard isn’t?” SungMin smiled, while KyuHyun typed the information on his laptop.

“It’s working Hyung”, KyuHyun reported.

“Good, now how about the password to the safe box?”


“Did you get that Kyu?”

“Yeah”, KyuHyun replied, “We’re in.”

“That’s really nice Hyukkie”, SungMin patted HyukJae’s head, “Now ... one more thing ... Are you a virgin, Hyukkie? Ever had anyone sticking their cock up to your ass?”

HyukJae’s face blushed deep red, “Please ... I’ve told you everything you want to know! Let me go ... please ...” he begged.

“Answer the question Hyukkie, are you a virgin?”

HyukJae nodded quietly in response. Defeated and humiliated.

“Good”, SungMin’s smirk was devious, HyukJae decided, but he was too sore and tired to think.

SungMin left his stool to KyuHyun’s side, he said something to the younger man and they both looked at HyukJae with something on their eyes.

“Let me take care of these”, SungMin told his younger partner, “I’ll let you deal with him, I know you want to ...” KyuHyun grinned in satisfaction.

“You know me well, Hyung ...”

KyuHyun left his laptop and undid the straps on HyukJae’s legs. Being freed after bounded for hours made HyukJae’s legs asleep, HyukJae couldn’t even struggle when KyuHyun pulled them up to his shoulder. However, when KyuHyun lowered his pants, HyukJae panicked.

“No ... please no ... don’t ... aaaah .... Nnnng ...!” HyukJae moaned as KyuHyun’s heated member pressed into him, his insides were still tender and sensitive due to the drug and many orgasms he had earlier. His eyes rolled behind their sockets and his toes curled in instant.

KyuHyun’s member was so much different than the toys SungMin insterted into HyukJae earlier. It was hot and pulsing with life, KyuHyun’s only concern was to reach his own bliss, his movements were harsh, completely the opposite of SungMin’s controlled treatments with his toys.

“Ugh ... so tight ... so good ...” KyuHyun grunted as his member stabbed HyukJae over and over again. And at one point, suddenly KyuHyun’s member exploded inside HyukJae, his hot seed flooding HyukJae’s over fucked tunnel. Somehow the feeling excited HyukJae and he too, climaxed soon afterwards.

When KyuHyun pulled his softening cock off the captive’s spent body, SungMin was done with the laptop.

“We’ve got everything”, SungMin informed, “What do you think of him?”

“Can we keep him, Hyung?” KyuHyun zipped his pants, “It’s such a waste to kill him, he’s such a sex doll ... “

SungMin chuckled, “But you have to take care of his needs, Kyu”.

“I know you’ll share the responsibility”, KyuHyun smiled, and they shared a kiss.

Drabble 5:

Title: The Bathroom
Pairing: BloHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Broken heart

HyukJae closed his eyes as the hot water poured down on him. He put the shower to the max, welcoming the harsh attack of the water to his skin, wishing it would clean his body, or at least took his mind off his problem.

Tablo met him today. He came to the studio, asking HyukJae to come with him. HyukJae had refused, he knew exactly what would happen if he falls for the older man’s trap once again. He was married afterall, he shouldn’t be coming to HyukJae for sex.

He got his wife for that.

Remembering Tablo brought a stinging feeling to his eyes, HyukJae wasn’t sure if he was crying because he couldn’t feel the tears falling, but his eyes felt hot and his chest tight.

“We’re through Hyung, you’re married, we can’t meet like this anymore”, HyukJae said to the older man, “Don’t do this, we’re over.”

“Hyukkie, please ... just let me talk to you, I can explain everything ...” Tablo begged, “You can always leave if you want, I won’t stop you.”

And as usual, HyukJae always ended up believing the older man.

The moment the door to Tablo’s apartment was closed, all plans for talking flew out of the window, they quickly ended up in fierce tongue battle, limbs fighting to take off each other’s clothes. Tablo’s hands took no time in pulling HyukJae’s pants down as they reached the bedroom.

HyukJae’s sanity returned as the back of his legs met the bed.

This was wrong, it was the bed where Tablo and his wife shared. He was nothing but the third wheel in this realtionship.

“Hyung please ...” HyukJae tried to protest, “Don’t ... your wife ...”

“She’s out of town”, Tablo kissed him again, this time HyukJae moaned into the kiss as Tablo’s experienced fingers found his nipple and pinched the pinkish nub.

Back to his current time, HyukJae searched for shampoo, there were several bottles of shampoo at the shelf, HyukJae wondered why there were so many of them. Then he remembered Tablo’s wife, she probably the one who got those, he thought.

Choosing the neglected bottle at the back of the shelf, HyukJae smiled ironically when he saw what it was. It was the bottle he left months a go, before Tablo’s wedding ...

HyukJae knew Tablo’s wife. She was beautiful and polite, a perfect Korean wife. Tablo’s parents loved her and Tablo’s friends adored her. She was the perfect woman for Tablo. But why he kept coming to HyukJae?

HyukJae was done crying and he had decided to move on with his life when Tablo came back, asking HyukJae back.

“She could never replace you, Hyukkie ...” he said.

And HyukJae was back on the emotional roller coaster everytime the older man said it.

HyukJae found a bar of soap and used it to wash every scent Tablo left in his body. He touched the back of his body, finding his opening. It was bruised and sensitive due to the activity Tablo and he did earlier. Some of Tablo’s cum dripped out.

Facing the glass wall, with one hand to steady himself, HyukJae pushed a finger into his hole. His body protested a bit at the sudden intrusion but HyukJae ignored the discomfort and added another finger. He wanted to be clean.

He needed to get Tablo out of his system, body and mind.

He used his fingers to push Tablo’s seed out of his body, the hot water trickled into his insides, it felt very strange and uncomfortable, HyukJae didn’t care, he just wished to be clean. Having his fingers inside him brought his memory back to what happened earlier that night.

“Uuuh ... Hyung ... not too fast ... ah ...” HyukJae writhed under Tablo’s touch.

“I’m sorry ... I can’t hold on ...” Tablo pushed further into HyukJae, causing HyukJae to whimper in pain, “You’re so tight Hyukkie ...”

“H-Hyung ...”

And then all thoughts left their minds as their bodies betrayed their brains. HyukJae anchored his legs behind Tablo’s back, accepting Tablo’s thrusts into his body. Moans and whimpers filled the room as the scent of sex was overwhelming.

“Hyukkie, I’m ugh ... close ...” Tablo rasped.

HyukJae answered with arching his back and tightening his channel as orgasm approached him fast.

HyukJae gave a long sigh, his skin was all pruney and the hot water had turned colder. He turned off the water and dried himself. Making sure he was dry enough before leaving the shower stall.

Quietly, he put on his clothes, drying his hair, and left the note he’d prepared next to the bed.

“Goodbye Hyung”, he whispered, and with no second thought, HyukJae left the room.

He was finally free ...

Two hours later, Tablo woke up alone in his bed. He tried to look for HyukJae, but he only found a note at the bed side table.

It’s time for us to move on, I need to start being an adult and you need to take care of your family
This is for the best.
Please don’t try to find me.



Drabble 6:

Title: The Cattery
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Cat!Hae

The large cat nuzzled against HyukJae’s face with a purr too cute for its size. HyukJae giggled at the sound of the tiger was making.

“Seriously Hae, you’re a tiger not a cat”, the reply to HyukJae’s comment was a lick on his face, causing HyukJae to complain, “Look, you’re not a cat, that tongue is made to separate bone and flesh ...!” the tiger cut his protests by licking his face again, “Okay okay cut that out it’s not cute”.

If tigers could pout, HyukJae was sure this one would pout. But then again DongHae was not even a real tiger, his shapeshifting ability was probably not that good because HyukJae could still tell that DongHae was no ordinary tiger.

First of all, he was too large for a tiger ...

DongHae put his paw on HyukJae’s chest, stopping the young man to get up from the bed. His paw covered the centre part of HyukJae’s chest. The pads were soft, DongHae had pulled the menacing claws in, he never used them when he was around HyukJae.

He was also too smart for a tiger.

DongHae suddenly pulled HyukJae’s shirt off his body, tearing the thin white material.

“Hae! No!” HyukJae pushed DongHae’s face away, trying to save his favourite sleeping attire but failed, “Bad kitty! You know I like this shirt!” he scowled the tiger.

DongHae showed no remorse at what he did, he licked HyukJae’s exposed skin. His rough tongue felt raw against HyukJae’s soft skin. He continued to nuzzle HyukJae’s lower part of body and HyukJae quickly closed his legs.

“No, not in this form!” he pulled DongHae’s face to meet his own face and glared, “How many times should I tell you that I’m NOT going to have sex with you when you’re not human?!”

DongHae gave a protesting sound, it sounded pretty intimidating but HyukJae knew DongHae better than that. “No way I’m going to let you stick that feline cock into my ass!” HyukJae told the tiger firmly, “Got that? So either you change to human form or I’ll sleep!”

Seeing no positive response from DongHae, HyukJae fluffed a pillow and turned to his stomach to sleep. However, the shape shifting tiger had other things in mind, he straddled HyukJae from the back and ...

“DONGHAE!” HyukJae pushed the tiger off him, the beast was surprised at the sudden move and jumped back in reflex. The shapeshifter was taken a back with the sudden scolding so much, he lost the tiger form and ended up landing on his back.

“Hyukkie ...!” DongHae pouted, “You’re so grumpy!” he crawled to meet HyukJae who was sitting up by now.

“I’m not!” HyukJae replied.

“Yes you are”, DongHae straddled HyukJae’s lap, “But I like grumpy Hyukkie, you’re sexy when you’re angry”, he stole a kiss from HyukJae’s pinkish lips and pushed the young man to the bed,

“You’re such a horny kitty”, HyukJae sighed, but he let the nude man pulled his pants off.

DongHae spent no time to devour HyukJae’s body. He nibbled on HyukJae’s thigh, spreading the long lanky legs apart and planted wet kisses on HyukJae’s inner thighs.

“Hyukkie?” DongHae asked, HyukJae only replied with a hmm, “Do you know how tigers mate?”

“What?” HyukJae frowned at the strange question, but his question was cut as DongHae gave experimental lick on his member.

“First of all ... when female tiger gets in heat she will signal the males around by roaring”, DongHae nibbled on HyukJae’s organ, causing HyukJae to moan, “Yeah, like that ...” DongHae started to suckle on HyukJae’s member, which grew rapidly under DongHae’s ministration, his moans got louder with every suck DongHae did.

“And then ...” DongHae detached himself from HyukJae’s swollen member, causing HyukJae to whimpered in protest, “The female will show gestures to attract the male ...”

“But I’m not a tigress”, HyukJae pulled DongHae to share a kiss with the shapeshifter, their tongue battled for dominance before HyukJae gave up and let DongHae wins.

DongHae pulled back, he watched HyukJae panting with his lips slightly swollen because of their kiss, his eyes mirrored lust and DongHae could swear that it was the sexiest sight he’d ever seen.

“What next?” HyukJae nudged DongHae from his thoughts.


“And what do they do next?”

“Copulation requires the tigress to assume a vulnerable position ...”

“And that would be ...?”

“Like this”, DongHae pushed HyukJae so he was laying on his stomach, “Bend your knee Hyukkie ...”

“I thought this is called doggy style”, HyukJae teased, but did as he was told.

“Nah, the dogs stole the name”, DongHae grinned.

HyukJae waited for what to come, DongHae was fumbling with something on his back. It didn’t take long though, DongHae came back and parted his butt cheeks.

“Mmm ...” HyukJae arched his back as DongHae’s long finger pushed past the tight ring of muscles on his opening. The finger didn’t stop and continued thrusting deeper. It was slick so it didn’t hurt much, it wasn’t the first time they had sex after all.

DongHae took his time preparing HyukJae, who was starting to whimper impatiently, HyukJae’s growing desire was getting harder to ignore as it stood erect and prominent between his legs.

HyukJae’s hand palmed his erection to ease the edges of his needs, when DongHae saw this, he pushed HyukJae’s hand away, “Be patient, I don’t wanna hurt you”, he kissed HyukJae’s neck.

“Hurry up Tiger boy”, HyukJae moaned.

DongHae’s answer was to guide his arousal into HyukJae’s prepared entrance. HyukJae let out a loud moan as DongHae filled him inch by inch.

DongHae waited for his lover to adjust as he was completely inside HyukJae, but HyukJae thrusted impatiently.

“Move”, he rasped.

“As you wish Hyukkie”, DongHae pulled back, only to push back in to HyukJae’s body.

HyukJae’s inner walls welcomed DongHae’s member, he was so tight and hot,like thick warm honey around DongHae’s member, DongHae found himself losing control with every pants and moans HyukJae made. He was approaching his orgasm faster than he hoped, instinctively, he reached to the back of HyukJae’s neck and bit down hard.

“H-Ha... Hae ... aah ...”

DongHae’s member bursted his seed deep into HyukJae’s willing body, HyukJae moaned with every squirt DongHae’s member made. It didn’t take long for HyukJae to follow and he came hard soon after. His insides contracting and quivering around DongHae’s member.

After DongHae disengaged himself from HyukJae’s tired body, he laid next to HyukJae, controlling his ragged breath.

“If you think sex with my human form is great then you really should try my tiger form”, DongHae said.

“I’ll sell you to the Tiger Breeding Sanctuary if you dare”, HyukJae retorded.

“You wouldn’t dare ...”

“Try me.”

He looked so serious, DongHae decided to forget about his idea for at least another year.

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  • 2 drabbles

    Title: Super Junior Happy Drabbles Author: arcee_bee Rating: NC-17 Warning: 3some, group!sex, sexdoll!hyuk Pajama Party “...”…

  • 3rd Batch of Drabbles!

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