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Hour Of the Mice 5/5 HaeHyuk

This way For HaeHyuk Ending~!


Taking advantage of ShiWon’s lack of concentration the moment DongHae came in, KiBum kicked the taller man and attacked him.

Before DongHae did anything, HyukJae pointed the gun in his hand to the cop, “Please don’t do it DongHae”.

“Hyukkie? Are you crazy? What are you doing?!”

The sound of a gunshot surprised them all, HyukJae’s eyes widened in shock.

But it wasn’t long, KiBum stood up, holding his stomach and DongHae realized that the mafia was wounded. On the other hand, ShiWon didn’t move, the shot must had killed him.

Staggering, KiBum stood on his feet, HyukJae ran to his side.

DongHae saw KiBum hugged HyukJae and planted a small kiss on HyukJae’s trembling lips, “Take this”, he gave HyukJae something small, “DongHae, take care of him”.

“Wh-what?! Ki-...”

“No time to talk, they’re coming”, KiBum pushed HyukJae to the door.

“You can come with us! Reinforcement is coming and ...”

“They won’t stop before they find me”, KiBum cut DongHae, “I know that ‘reinforcement is coming’ means they’re hours away from here and we’re all be dead by then”, he looked at DongHae straight in the eyes, “Promise me that you will take care of him!”

DongHae nodded, “I’ll keep him safe as long as I live.”

“KiBum!” HyukJae protested, “No!”

“Good enough”, he pushed DongHae and soon DongHae heard foot steps coming to the basement.

From behind the wooden door, DongHae heard them entering the room, HyukJae was crying, he could smell danger just behind the door.

“H-Hae please ...”

“Keep moving”, DongHae nudged the smaller man to keep walking, his face straight and cold.

He heard a small conversation from the boiler room, he recognized one of them as KangIn, there were many of them, probably ten.

Then gunshots.

Lots of gunshots.

KiBum didn’t stand a chance, he must be dead by then.

Ignoring the menacing sounds, DongHae took HyukJae’s hand and forced him to keep moving. No questions were asked, for a long time only the sound of their footsteps against the damp floor of the tunnel were heard.

They escaped the warehouse and DongHae took HyukJae to his car. HyukJae’s hands were cold, clutching the small piece of plastic KiBum shoved to his hand earlier tightly.

“Let’s go”, DongHae opened the car door.

DongHae drove to an abandoned beach house not far from the bay, he gave HyukJae the key.

“This is my safe house, stay here and don’t go anywhere I will pick you up when it’s safe, got that?”

HyukJae nodded.

The house was not as bad as it appeared from the outside. HyukJae sat in the dark house, heart still beating like crazy. He had been through so many things lately but this was the worst.

And it was because KiBum was dead.

After sitting in the darkness for almost an hour, his heart had calmed down. HyukJae didn’t know what to do, he looked at the thing KiBum gave him, it was a memory stick.

He found a computer installed on the bedroom. He assumed it was DongHae’s and he turned it on. He wanted to know about the memory stick KiBum gave him.

The first thing HyukJae saw when he clicked on the file was KiBum’s face. He was behind his desk at his office in the club, probably taken a week a go, HyukJae noted bitterly.

“I was born as Park JungWoo ... My dad used to work for the Police Department, he was a detective investigating the mafia, my mom and dad were killed by his colleague at the Police Department because of his investigation against corrupt cops, I was sixteen when they died.”

“After my family’s death, I was adopted by Kim RaeWon, he named me KiBum and gave me his family name, later I found out that he was a mafia member saved by my dad years a go.”

“HyukJae, when you see this, it is most likely that I am dead by now and I never got the chance to tell you why I took you”, KiBum took a deep breath, “It’s a strange reason you know ... years a go ... when I was still Park JungWoo, I had a neighbor who loved to dance ... he always danced in the afternoon and I would quietly watched him from my house, he was the only person who saw me when I came home wounded after I fought at school, he was also the only one who helped me and put bandages on my wounds ... He had such carefree smile, I could never forget the smile ...”

“It was you, HyukJae ...”

HyukJae’s eyes were brimming with tears at the information. He remembered the boy who always came home bleeding and bruised. But he never knew what happened to that boy, his family moved so his dad could start his restaurant before he finished high school.

“I love you HyukJae.”

And with that, HyukJae bursted to tears.

The screen went blank after that.

The rest of the story was clear, KiBum was then adopted by a mafia leader, who was indebted by KiBum’s dad who helped him years a go. He watched KiBum grew with such potential, so he took KiBum as his predecetor. After he was killed, KiBum took over the reign.

It was a coincidence that HyukJae’s family owed the debts to the mafia. HyukJae’s father actually borrowed the money from a local loan shark, KiBum then took over the debts. He paid the loan shark and claimed that HyukJae’s family owed him to get HyukJae.

HyukJae wiped his tears.

The man had destroyed his dreams, changed him into what he was now, but now he was crying at KiBum’s death.

6 Months Later ...
“HyukJae?” DongHae called out.

Their small apartment was quiet, no signs of HyukJae although HyukJae had said that he would be home early today.

Things had changed a lot for both of them. DongHae left the police department, although the raid was successful and he even got a raise for his deeds. More than 100 men were caught at the ambush, they all went to trial and most of them were found guilty. Unfortunately, KangIn narrowly escaped.

DongHae took HyukJae to Busan after he signed out of the Police Department. He knew that he loved HyukJae and he would do anything to keep HyukJae safe. He wouldn’t be able to do that if he was still at the police department.

One of the things he had promised HyukJae was that he would never treat HyukJae like KiBum did, he would never force himself to HyukJae and he kept the promise.

HyukJae was the first man he ever been with, so it was confusing for DongHae how to treat HyukJae. They’ve been together for six months and they barely had done anything but a few kisses and hugs. HyukJae often laugh, saying that he could do things on his own, he was not a girl so he could help himself, it always left DongHae a bit startled because it was how he was used to treat his past girlfriends.

In the end, their relationship was kinda stuck because DongHae didn’t really know what to do with HyukJae.

“HyukJae?” DongHae called out.

No answer.

DongHae was sure HyukJae was home, his shoes were on the front door and his coat was hanging on the hanger. DongHae went to the bedroom, it wasn’t locked.

They shared a bedroom although DongHae had to control himself really hard not to molest HyukJae at night. DongHae was sure that HyukJae was not ready for sex, although deep inside, he knew it was him who was not ready for that part. What if he screwed up? What if he hurts HyukJae with his impatience? What if HyukJae hates him forever for his mistake?

When DongHae entered the bedroom, he found HyukJae drying his hair with a towel with nothing covering his smooth body.

“Oh, y-you’re back”, HyukJae turned and grabbed the towel to cover himself, cheeks blushing as he saw DongHae coming.

The sight was too much for DongHae. It was bad enough that he didn’t get any sex for the past six months, now the object of his fantasy was there, naked and real in front of him.

With no second thoughts, DongHae grabbed HyukJae by the waist and took the pouty lips into his own. He let instinct took over his acts and pressed himself into the warm body, getting hard and ready instantly.

“A-ah ...” HyukJae moaned into the kiss, his body supple against DongHae’s, he led DongHae’s hands so they were resting his back. All thoughts went out of DongHae’s mind as HyukJae sucked his tongue into his velvety mouth, encouraging him to explore the hot mouth, tasting HyukJae like he never tasted HyukJae before.

As the need to breath kicked in, they parted from the kiss. But DongHae didn’t even got the time to think as HyukJae’s hands roamed on his chest before cupping his face and looking into his eyes.

That was when his consciousness kicked in.

“Hyukkie, are you really serious about this?” DongHae asked, “I don’t wanna hurt you ...”

“You won’t”, HyukJae smiled, reassuring his lover.

He led DongHae to the bed, laying down and letting DongHae to settle on top of him. DongHae swallowed hard, he had never been with another man, but he knew he loved HyukJae.

‘I can do this’ DongHae told himself.

DongHae had never thought that he would be having sex with another man, but as he traced his tongue on HyukJae’s pale white neck, tasting and biting the supple flesh, he didn’t care anymore. HyukJae’s moan confirmed him that the feeling was mutual, DongHae couldn’t believe how much he was turned on by HyukJae at the moment, none of his past girlfriends ever made him like this.

HyukJae’s body felt so much different than a girl’s. DongHae could feel the muscles under HyukJae’s soft skin, his limbs and torso were tight and lacking the curves, but DongHae couldn’t get enough of the smooth skin, he wanted more.

HyukJae’s nimble fingers helped him to take off his clothes. HyukJae’s warm hands roamed on his chest and abs, feeling him and assuring DongHae that he wanted this too.

His hand moved lower to HyukJae’s groin, and when he got there, he found HyukJae’s arousal.

DongHae never touched one except for his own, it was something he considered gross before, but HyukJae’s moans were delicious and he couldn’t wait to hear more of the delicious sounds HyukJae made.

“H-Hae ... please ... ugh ...” HyukJae whimpered as DongHae’s fingers tightened around his cock, he spread his legs wider to give DongHae access, his nails clawing the sheets impatiently.

Their arousals rubbed against each others, sending electric shocks straight to DongHae’s brain.

“Ha-Hae ... now ...” HyukJae moaned.

Just then, DongHae was taken back to his current condition.

He had never done this before with another man, and he shamefully had to admit that he didn’t know what to do next. He didn’t want to hurt HyukJae but on the same time, he needed to do it.

HyukJae sensed the worry in DongHae’s head, he gently took DongHae’s face and whispered, “It’s okay, let’s do this”, he smiled.

HyukJae uncapped a tube of lubricant, he put some lubricant on his fingers, reversing their position. Now DongHae was laying on his back, his organ standing erect proudly. He watched HyukJae with interest as he placed his fingers on his own entrance, circling the tight hole before pushing in.

HyukJae’s breath hitched in his throath, it had been too long since the last time he had sex. His body protested a bit, tightening on its own accord, but HyukJae ignored the feeling. He leaned forward and added another finger, scicoring himself, preparing his body for what to come.

It was too long since the last time he did this. HyukJae’s mind drifted to one man as he prepared himself. The only man who had changed his life completely but was not there anymore ...

“Uuh ...” HyukJae let out a breathy moan as his fingers grazed the hidden spot inside him, completely forgotten in the past few months, his nerves tingled as the sensation brought back a familiar feelings to his body.

Pulling out his fingers, HyukJae leaned down to give DongHae a kiss, “I’m ready Hae ...”

“Hyukkie ...” DongHae was sure his eyes would pop out of their sockets, HyukJae was so erotic, he gave DongHae a whole lot of new perspective on sensuality.

“It’s alright Hae, you won’t hurt me”, HyukJae led DongHae so DongHae was on top of his body, he linked his ankles behind DongHae’s back, lifting his butt a little so it came connected with DongHae’s arousal, he took the hard organ, “This ... goes here ...” he pushed his opening against DongHae’s member and it went in slowly.

DongHae thought he could’ve been died. HyukJae’s tight hole was taking him in slowly, the tightness was unbearable around his sensitive organ.

He couldn’t think, he couldn’t say anything, DongHae let his instinct took over and crashed his lips against HyukJae’s who was moaning and gasping wantonly underneath DongHae. His hip moved on it’s own accord, ramming into HyukJae’s sweet tightness as his tongue ravanged HyukJae’s mouth.

It was more than what he ever imagined, HyukJae was different than any of his past lovers, DongHae couldn’t hold on any longer and with a loud cry, he ejaculated his seeds inside HyukJae.

HyukJae followed a couple of seconds later, his cum spilled between their bodies.

When DongHae was back from his high, HyukJae was still laying next to him, it was then he realized what just happened.



“Are you okay? ... I mean ... I didn’t mean to hurt you and ...”

HyukJae stopped his stuttering with a kiss, “It’s alright.”

DongHae took HyukJae in his arm, “I mean it ... Hyukkie, I don’t want our first time to be ... you know ... hurtful for you ... I ... I don’t wanna be like ... him.”

HyukJae was taken a back with DongHae’s words.

“I’ve been thinking ... you know ... back then ... when I met you at KiBum’s place? I asked you to help me and you said no, you said you love him ...” DongHae was not sure if he wanted to go to that but he wanted to make sure that HyukJae actually loves him, not just being with him because he had no other choice.

“Do you love him?”

HyukJae looked into DongHae’s eyes, “I love you now.”

DongHae smiled, “I love you too.”

And it was the start of a romance between them.


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