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Lace and Ribbon (pt. 1)

Title: Lace and Ribbon (part: 1/2)
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk
Genre: AU, mafia, drama, NC 17
Warning: smut
Notes: I'm back! I'm BACK! It's smut kihyuk time!!! * jumps in joy *
this story was inspired by the Godfather. I imagined Kangin as a powerful ITALIAN mafia don. How Korean could star a mafia movie is above my explanation, but hey, this AU, this is a fanfic and I am free to write whatever I wanted, right? Afterall, I got away with almost everything by now! I hope this setting and plot work nicely! If you like this please say something because your comments keep my brain working!

EunHyuk slipped his long legs into the opaque stocking, he pulled the silky material up to his thigh and did the same thing to his other leg with the same care. He slipped the black miniskirt to his thin waist and he then picked a shirt from his bed to match the skirt. As he buttoned the shirt, he checked his reflection on the mirror and sighed a little. It had been too long since he was forced to appear as a woman in public. As much as he wanted to complain, EunHyuk knew that he could never stand up against his father.

EunHyuk dusted his eyes in dark smoky layer of eye shadow, lining his eyes with eye liner carefully and put glossy pink lip gloss to his thin lips, making them looked full and delicious. Afterwards, he brushed his shoulder length hair, grabbed the pair of Louboutins by the bed, and slipped his foot into the black stilletos.

He opened the door and headed to the hall, his steps were perfect even with the impossibly high heels. With the outfit one would never guessed that he was dressing as the wrong gender in a first glance, his movements were graceful, the pair of shoes added his height and made his figure just as perfect as a lean catwalk model.

“EunJa-sshi”, someone called out for him and EunHyuk stopped to turn around.


“You look good”, the handsome young man said, handing EunHyuk a bouquet of dark red roses, “As usual”.

“Thank you KiBum”, EunHyuk accepted the flowers.

“Shall we go?”, KiBum offered,

“Sure”, EunHyuk took KiBum’s hand and together, they went to the front door, where a black Mercedes was waiting. KiBum opened the car door for EunHyuk before getting in to the driver’s seat himself.
KiBum had to meet several people outside the Church, so EunHyuk entered the Church quietly and hid himself behind the people. As much as he hated to be the centre of the attentions, most of the times he could not help it. He didn’t like to make an appearance in public, first of all because he didn’t like to pretend that he was a woman in front of everybody, but his father didn’t give him much choice. And today was the day he could not escape.

As the people giving respect for the dead, EunHyuk stepped forward and put the flowers on the casket quietly. His eyes met his father’s eyes on his way back to his seat and he saw the disapproving look on his father’s eyes.

After the mass, the funeral was held at the cemetery. Mr Lee was one of the Don’s trusted men, therefore he was a close friend of the family. Like his brothers, EunHyuk had to stay the whole time during the agenda. After the funeral, EunHyuk joined his family as they walked together.

His brothers was on his father’s side, YeSung and ShiWon had always been trustworthy and effective to his father.

Unlike him ...


EunHyuk looked up as he heard the light tone. It was Leeteuk, his father’s lover, the person he considered as his stepmother, the only person in his circle of family who actually tried to care for his well being.

“Gloomy much?” he saw Leeteuk smiling lightly.

EunHyuk just shrugged.

“How did you get here?”

“KiBum drove me”, EunHyuk replied shortly, as much as he loved Leeteuk, he was never been in the mood of anything but being polite and reserved in public.

“Where is he?”

“I don’t know, he said he’ll meet me later”.

Leeteuk smiled, “Your father might want to talk to you about that later”, he hinted.

The accident that took the lives of his twin sister and his mother thirteen years a go left a huge gap on his father’s heart. They said it was an accident, although many believed that it was a business rival of EunHyuk’s father who wrecked the car, resulting in killing them, whoever it was, the guy was kindly enough to spare EunHyuk’s life. He survived with 3rd degree burning wounds and lung trauma. After months in the hospital, and the result was he should avoid physical exhaustion, Kim Kangin decided to kill his son and let his daughter lived instead.

His father always said that he loved EunHyuk, he spoiled EunHyuk with everything money could buy, with only one condition, he should keep the secret and lived as EunJa.

They lived in a harsh world, being the children of the mafia, it was either stay strong like his brothers and defend for themselves or be a cunning woman and find a good husband for protection. Kangin realized this on the day he lost his wife, EunHyuk wasn’t like his brothers, his lung condition made him frail, an easy target for his enemies. He could never let that happened. He didn’t want to lose his son after he lost his wife and daughter.

“EunJa, let’s go see your mother”, Leeteuk said.

His father and brothers were already a couple steps away from them. Since his mother and sister were killed thirteen years a go, his father closed his heart to everybody in the world. EunHyuk could not remember his mother clearly, he was too small at the time, he mostly knew her from the pictures and the stories from his brothers. It took years later, until his father welcomed the presence of Leeteuk, and EunHyuk guessed that Leeteuk was the only reason his father hadn’t lost himself.

Leeteuk was like a mother he lost, he took care of the family, their home, and especially EunHyuk.

Standing next to his brothers at the grave, EunHyuk stared at the tombstone. Under the name of his mother was his name, carved on stone, under the engraving of a cherub.

How did that make sense?

When the rest of his family was deep in their prayers, EunHyuk stared blankly to the ground.

Do you have to pretend to be me in heaven, dear sister? EunHyuk quietly wondered.

“Let’s go, EunJa”, ShiWon told him.

They left the cemetary, EunHyuk tried to find KiBum on the crowd but could not find him.

“Let’s go, abeoji* wants to talk to you”, ShiWon said.

Once they were in the car, Kangin closed the connecting window to the driver’s seat.

“EunJa, let’s talk”, Kangin started.

ShiWon and YeSung stayed quiet, EunHyuk felt like he was literally being thrown into judgement.

“Yes abeoji?”

“I need to talk to you about KiBum”, his father started, Leeteuk twitched a little at the tone Kangin used, the topic seemed unpleasant for him but he said nothing to stop his lover.

EunHyuk waited for his father to continue although he knew it was not going to be something that he’d like to hear.

“You should stop seeing him, not in this fashion”, his father continued, EunHyuk took a deep breath, “... your safety is my main concern, being with him ... in this fashion ... would only endanger yourself”.

EunHyuk looked up to his father.

“Is that because ... this?” he motioned to himself, “You told me to stop seeing KiBum because I’m like this?” angry tears stung his eyes.

“Yah ...” Leeteuk tried to comfort him, “Your father didn’t mean that ...”

The car stopped as it reached their mansion, as soon as the door was opened by Kangin’s bodyguard, EunHyuk got off the car and ran into the house. Leeteuk almost went to after EunHyuk, but Kangin stopped him.

“Leave EunJa alone for a while”, he told his lover.
Another day, another public event to attend, another dress up game for him to play ... EunHyuk sighed as he entered his room. Today was the opening of a new bank under ShiWon’s name, he attended the event for a few minutes before decided that he didn’t want to be in there and faked a cough so his brother would let him leave earlier.

Nothing changed after what happened last week. His father burried himself under his work and left EunHyuk on his own. He hadn’t talked properly to his father since then and EunHyuk didn’t feel like talking because he knew his father would never take his reasons.

He took off his shoes and cleaned his face. After his face was clean of all make up, EunHyuk tied his shoulder length hair with a rubber band, he faced the mirror and thought to himself.

I’m a freak.

He could not believe that anyone would find him beautiful. He was wearing a silky mini dress, with the color of red wine. Thirteen years since the accident, he had grown into a young man, not the androgynous youngster he used to be before adolescence. When he was younger, it was easier to pass as a girl, but now, people would expect a twenty year old EunJa to be more curvy and less boney.

Now EunHyuk believed the only reason why people said that he was beautiful was just because they feared Kim Kangin.

He heard a knock on the door.

Guessing it was one of the servants, sent by his brother to check on him, EunHyuk went to open the door. His bare feet padded the thick carpet as he walked across the room.

He was surprised to see KiBum instead one of the servants.


“Uh ... hi...”

“ShiWon said you were sick”, he started, “You’re feeling better now?”

“I’m fine, just a bit tired I guess”, EunHyuk answered.

“Do you wanna let me in?” KiBum questioned.

EunHyuk stepped aside and let KiBum in.

The moment KiBum entered his room and the door was shut behind him, he kissed EunHyuk passionately. EunHyuk returned the kiss, their tongues met in a heated battle for dominance before EunHyuk finally gave up and let KiBum dominated the kiss.

When they pulled away to catch a breath, KiBum smiled playfully and pushed EunHyuk to the bed.

“I hope you’re aware that I’m not a girl”, EunHyuk told his lover with a smirk.

“Are you kidding me?” KiBum chuckled, he saw EunHyuk gave him a serious look, “Yes I do Hyukkie.”

EunHyuk led KiBum’s hand to feel his clothed body, “And I assume you know that I’m a man?”

The short dress had hiked up higher on EunHyuk’s legs, showing a pair of long legs. KiBum wondered if the long legs actually felt as silky as they looked.

KiBum kissed EunHyuk’s lips, “I know baby”, he licked the pinkish lips sensually, tasting the strawberry lip gloss as EunHyuk shuddered under his action. EunHyuk pushed him away before he could deepened the kiss.

“... and you do realize that I don’t have boobs.”

“But you have something else that I like”, KiBum smirked.

“...ah!” EunHyuk exclaimed in surprise as KiBum’s fingers teased the bare skin where his stocking ended on his thigh.

“EunHyuk ... I love you, for who you are and what you are, I don’t care about anything else”, KiBum planted another kiss on EunHyuk’s lips, down to his chin, and to his neck.

KiBum ran his palm on EunHyuk’s thigh, making the dress hiked up even higher.

“Do you trust me Hyuk-ah?”

Despite the question marks on his head, EunHyuk was sure about one thing. He knew he trusted KiBum. And although he wasn’t sure what would happen tonight, he knew it would be something more than what they usually shared.

EunHyuk looked into KiBum’s eyes and nodded.

That was the only answer he needed, KiBum’s fingers found the zipper of the dress and soon the dress laid on the floor.

EunHyuk squirmed lightly under KiBum’s gaze, feeling uncomfortable with only his underwear. He felt vulnerable under KiBum’s eyes, no one had seen him like this before.

“Beautiful”, KiBum murmured.

EunHyuk wanted to say something back, but it was hard to think of a comeback when KiBum was tracing patterns on his chest with his skilled tongue.

“Ugh...!” EunHyuk arched his back as KiBum licked his sensitive nipple, he moaned harder when the pink nub was engulfed into KiBum’s warm mouth. KiBum used his tongue to make circles around the hardening bud before teasing with his teeth. His fingers plucked EunHyuk’s other nipple and did the same magic that set fire to EunHyuk’s body all over.

KiBum pulled back and planted a kiss on EunHyuk’s abused nipple, he did the same to its twin, sending shudders to EunHyuk’s spine.

EunHyuk’s breath was racing, he had never felt like this before. He felt so alive and yet so helpless under KiBum’s touch. How did KiBum set his body into this frenzy?

He didn’t even realize it when KiBum hooked his fingers on his underwear, pulling the lacy red garment off his hips.

He didn’t even realize that now his skin was in contact with KiBum’s own bare skin. When did KiBum undressed himself?

In his eyes, KiBum was beautiful. KiBum’s tanned skin was contrasting his own pale skin, his shoulders broad, and his body muscled, EunHyuk could not stop himself from marveling the sight. His hand traced the well defined torso, feeling KiBum’s heart beating in anticipation on his rib cage.

Quietly, KiBum led EunHyuk to undress him further, EunHyuk pushed the black boxer off KiBum’s hips with shaky hand, anxious and excited at the same time.

KiBum’s hard organ caught his attention. It was hard and full of life, KiBum said nothing although he must had sensed EunHyuk’s excitement and curiosity.

It was larger than his own, KiBum moaned in approval as EunHyuk wrapped his fingers around the engorged appendix. He gave some clumsy pumps that caused KiBum grunted in pleasure, his hand found its way to KiBum’s sacs, EunHyuk massaged the tight balls lightly.

KiBum could not handle the tease anymore, although he knew EunHyuk didn’t mean to. He crashed his lips against EunHyuk’s invading EunHyuk’s unsuspecting mouth, licking, tasting, ... eating EunHyuk. His arousal pressed against EunHyuk’s and rubbed together, adding the pleasure to his brain. It seemed EunHyuk enjoyed the friction as well, he was moaning into KiBum’s mouth.

“K-KiBum ...” EunHyuk brought KiBum’s face to meet his, “We’re both men ...”

“So?” KiBum didn’t seem to be bothered by the fact.

“How are we going to do it?” EunHyuk’s cheeks blushed at the question, “I mean ... you do realize that ... that ... I ... uhmm ...”

“Well?” KiBum looked amused at EunHyuk’s confusion.

“You do realize that I don’t have a vagina, right?” he finally asked, blushing deeper.

KiBum laughed at the exclamation, “You don’t”, he took EunHyuk’s arousal and added, “You have this”, he made his point by planting a kiss on the head of EunHyuk’s organ, causing a jolt of electricity to EunHyuk’s brain.

“And how are we going to ...?”

“Just trust me”.

KiBum rummaged into the drawer by the bed and found a tube of strawberry scented body butter.

“This might hurt a bit”, he told EunHyuk who nodded.

Coating his fingers with the thick cream, KiBum then parted EunHyuk’s legs further. He pressed a finger and made circular movement against the puckering pink hole, it twitched a little in inticipation and soon KiBum’s finger pressed into the small opening.

“Uh ...” EunHyuk sighed as the slick finger entered him. It felt really strange, not painful, but strange.

And arousing.

“Does that hurt?” KiBum asked, he tried to add another finger, EunHyuk shook his head and told him to go on.

The body butter was a perfect lubrication, KiBum’s fingers slid into EunHyuk’s virgin opening with no trouble thanks to the thick cream.

EunHyuk lifted his hips a little to give KiBum better access. He didn’t know what would happen next and he was curious. His trains of thoughts were cut as he felt KiBum pulled his fingers out of him.

“Aah ...!” EunHyuk arched his back off the bed as KiBum pressed his engorged erection into EunHyuk’s opening.

It was much larger thank KiBum’s fingers, although the lubrication helped a lot to lessen the pain. His tight rings of muscle naturally tried to push KiBum’s member out, but KiBum pesistantly pushed harder. When the head of KiBum’s arousal was in, EunHyuk was breathing heavily.

“Hold on baby, it’ll be easier after this”, KiBum murmured into EunHyuk’s ear.

“Ugh ...” EunHyuk whimpered, he felt the blunt tip of KiBum’s member moved inside him, slowly, KiBum was entering him inch by inch. The feeling was unlike anything he had ever felt before. As the shaft fully entered him, KiBum stopped to make sure EunHyuk was alright, after he saw EunHyuk was not in pain, KiBum pulled out and quickly pushed into EunHyuk once again. This time, he went deeper and suddenly, EunHyuk felt a strange sensation inside of him.

Soon, lust took over. KiBum was slamming into EunHyuk with such urgency, his organ hard and hot inside EunHyuk, and EunHyuk was moaning harder as his pleasure doubled everytime KiBum hit that special spot.

EunHyuk’s legs were wrapped around KiBum’s body tightly, as if afraid that KiBum would leave him if he ever lost his grip on the talled man. His body started to tense, it started from his feet, EunHyuk could feel his legs were twitching uncontrollably, his breath came in short gasps as he felt his balls tightened and the strange heat pooled inside him foccusing into one spot.

“Hyaaaaaaaaahnn ...!”

KiBum felt EunHyuk’s tight passage tightened like a vise around him, he groaned and tried to hold on before his orgasm hit him, but he failed. He reached his peak soon after EunHyuk did.

KiBum rolled over the slender form, so he wouldn’t crush EunHyuk, he pulled the cover over their naked bodies and held EunHyuk into his arms. EunHyuk’s eyes were closed, his body fit perfectly into his arms.

“My father ...” he heard EunHyuk murmurred softly, “He told me ...” he stopped, opening his eyes and searching into KiBum’s eyes, “You know what he told me right?”

KiBum nodded.

“What are we going to do?” he looked so lost, so helpless.

“We’ll find a way”, KiBum kissed EunHyuk’s forehead, “Rest now ... and trust me”.

“I love you KiBum”.

It was the last thing he heard before he felt EunHyuk sleeping in his arms.

* Abeoji: is a more formal way of addressing father in Korean (correct me if I’m wrong) but I’d like to state that in this story, EunHyuk’s family was formal and reserved.

Tags: fic, kihyuk, lace ribbon, smut

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