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Lace and Ribbon (part: 2/2)

Title: Lace and Ribbon (part: 2/2)
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk
Genre: AU, mafia, drama, NC 17
Warning: smut, cross dressing
Notes: Part 2! I hope you guys are still with me!

“... and how about EunJa?”

“He’s still seeing KiBum”.

Kangin took a deep breath, Leeteuk on his side glanced at ShiWon, a bit worried.

ShiWon was six years older than EunHyuk, many believed that although YeSung was four years older than him, ShiWon would be the crown prince to Kangin’s empire, not YeSung. Maybe that was the reason why Kangin decided to talk to ShiWon about the matter, unlike his brother, ShiWon was calmer and would take his time to think of all the posibilities instead of making an impulse decision.

“Abeoji, what worried you? KiBum knew for sure what EunJa ... EunHyuk is, of all people, I’m sure he knew full well that EunHyuk is not a girl”, ShiWon said.

“That is not the only thing I am worried about”, Kangin replied, “You know why I decided to hide EunHyuk all these times, all my enemies are lurking for a weakness and once they found out about EunHyuk, they will definitely take him as my weak spot.”

ShiWon said nothing in response, YeSung would have suggested his father to let EunHyuk fights for his life like the rest of them would do but ShiWon knew his father had something else to consider.

“You know EunHyuk is not strong like you or your brother, he’d make an easy target for my opponents”, Kangin continued, “I know I’ve spoiled him too much he won’t be able to stand for himself on his own”.

“Abeoji ... tell me, why being with KiBum would endanger EunHyuk’s life?” ShiWon questioned, “Are you not sure about his loyalty? I can assure you that he’s a good man, he’d been working under me for three years and he had proved himself to me and to you many times.”

“KiBum is a hitman, his line of work will attract danger close to EunHyuk, closer than ever”, Kangin explained, “How many people would want to kill him now? He has more enemies than you can count”.

“But he is also the right person to take care of EunHyuk, he’s a hitman afterall...”

“I still regret the mistake I made to underestimate my opponents years a go, a small thing that killed your mother and EunJa ... EunHyuk should never pay for what others do.”

Despite the comment ready to leave Leeteuk’s mouth, he knew better than to voice out his opinion when it wasn’t agreeable by Kangin. ShiWon seemed to be in deep thoughts, he could understand why his father loved EunHyuk so much.

Kangin thought about EunHyuk in such complicated way. He positioned EunHyuk as EunJa, his loveable and pure daughter who would cherish his days and at some point he wanted EunHyuk to play the part as his little princess forever. Like all fathers, he didn’t want to lose his daughter to any men. In the same time, in the same time EunHyuk was a reminder of his deceased wife and daughter, Kangin felt obliged to preserve their memories by keeping EunHyuk safe all the times. His lung condition only made him more protective about EunHyuk, who would stay as the little boy surviving the accident. EunHyuk’s safety was his priority, he wanted EunHyuk to live a quiet and safe life, as much as money could buy.

Although many believed that Kangin treated EunHyuk like a broken goods, ShiWon and Leeteuk knew Kangin loved EunHyuk three times more than he loved his other sons.

It was complicated enough to have a son and a daughter to have both in one person was crazy. Even if you were the head of mafia clan, it was a task too hard to do.

“Abeoji, do you actually believe that EunHyuk is happy?” ShiWon finally took his chance by crossing the line.

It took a while before Kangin finally answered.

“His well being is my top priority, his happiness seconds to that.”

Sensing no positive response from his father, ShiWon excused himself to leave after a couple more minutes.

After ShiWon left, Leeteuk sat close to his lover, laying his head on Kangin’s shoulder.

“One day you have to let EunHyuk live his life, you can’t keep making decisions for him”.

Kangin ran his fingers through the soft brown hair, saying nothing in response.

“Your wife and EunJa would want to see him happy and settled.”

Leeteuk didn’t know if his words ever made it to Kangin’s head, he didn’t sense Kangin’s response at all. years of being his lover taught Leeteuk that it would take a while before his words would sink into thedepth older man’s heart.
EunHyuk slipped away from KiBum’s arms carefully, he realized that he was nude and blushed a little. He quietly walked to the bathroom, a minor discomfort shot from his back, a reminder of what happened earlier he ignored it and kept walking to the bathroom.

His own reflection caught his attention as he walked by the large mirror in the bathroom.

A couple of hours a go, he thought of himself as a freak, with the dress and make up. KiBum told him that he was precious and KiBum loved him. He said EunHyuk was beautiful.

EunHyuk wanted to believe that, he could still feel KiBum’s touch and kisses on his skin. EunHyuk tried to revive the memory by tracing his fingertips to the path KiBum left on his body.

From his pale neck, down to his shoulder, his chest, encircling a nipple ... He blushed as he touched his nipple, now sensitive and erect due to the cold air.

Down to his stomach, his naval, and ... between his legs.

His member was now laying limply, the proof of his desire still around his thighs. Unconsciously, he touched his back side, KiBum’s seed still lingered on his entrance.

Suddenly a pair of arms held him from the back. EunHyuk gasped in surprise then relaxed as he saw who it was.

“Thinking of me?” KiBum whispered sensually against his ear.

EunHyuk giggled a little as KiBum kissed his jaw and neck.

KiBum tightened his hold on EunHyuk, his lips soon claimed EunHyuk’s into a deep kiss.

EunHyuk sucked KiBum’s tongue playfully, causing a moan from the taller man. KiBum ran his hands on EunHyuk’s smooth expanse of skin, feeling the softness on his fingertips.

“Ki-... ah!” EunHyuk yelped as KiBum teased a nipple.

“You were saying ...?” KiBum kissed EunHyuk’s neck cheekily.

“Uh ...”

“Look at you Hyukkie, ... you’re so sexy”, KiBum diverted EunHyuk’s face to the mirror in front of them.

KiBum placed EunHyuk’s leg on the sink next to the mirror, “Keep watching”, he told EunHyuk who couldn’t stop blushing at the sight. He could see himself completely exposed in this position.

EunHyuk’s face turned a darker shade of red as he looked down and saw himself in the mirror. His skin was flushed and nude, with his leg bent on the marble table top, he could see KiBum’s sex standing produly behind him. His own sex was also erect, jutted forward proudly.

KiBum traced the slippery path from EunHyuk’s behind down to his balls, before his fingers wrapped around EunHyuk’s manhood. He licked EunHyuk’s neck as his other finger plucked EunHyuk’s left nipple and rolled the sensitive bud between his fingers, causing EunHyuk to moan again.

To make things even worse, KiBum’s hand left EunHyuk’s nipple and guided his hard rod to rub it against EunHyuk’s slippery opening.

“Ooooh ... Ki-KiBum ...”

“Do you want me to take you now?” KiBum rubbed harderd against EunHyuk’s hole.

“Y-yes ... yes ...”

He held on EunHyuk’s hips to stop the slender man from falling because EunHyuk was sure his legs had turned into jelly as KiBum assaulted his senses.

“Watch”, he whispered sensually to EunHyuk’s ear.

EunHyuk looked up to the mirror and soon he saw how his face mirrored the strange sensation rippling inside him. KiBum’s erection slowly slipped into his opening, still slick from the earlier penetration. This time KiBum didn’t stop and kept pushing slowly, making sure EunHyuk could feel him sliding into EunHyuk.

“Mmmmm ...” EunHyuk groaned.

“You’re so tight Hyukkie”, KiBum grunted.

This time EunHyuk could swear that KiBum was deeper inside him. The new position made KiBum touched the places he never knew existed in his body. He didn’t think much though, KiBum impatiently pulled back and started to impale into him, making sure that EunHyuk could feel the same pleasure as he did, KiBum toyed with EunHyuk’s arousal, tugging in fast strokes.

“Aaah ... aaahn ... “ EunHyuk was completely under KiBum’s mercy. He could see his face on the mirror next to KiBum’s. His usual reserved expression had changed and EunHyuk was somehow proud of himself for giving KiBum such pleasure, KiBum was moaning sexily and that was because of him.

“Oooh ... Ki-KiBum ... the-re ...” EunHyuk swore he could saw stars as KiBum touched the special spot inside him, when KiBum rammed into him even harder, EunHyuk almost fell because his legs had gave up on him, luckily KiBum caught him in time and led him to take a hold on the towel railing next to the mirror.

KiBum didn’t slow down, causing EunHyuk to cried out and emmiting more sexy moans. EunHyuk could see KiBum’s member stabbing into his hungry hole, the hard organ was pulsating and hot in him, ready to explode. KiBum was palming EunHyuk’s hard organ, slick with precum.

“Feel this Hyukkie”, KiBum told him and guided EunHyuk’s hand to his own erection, “Feel yourself ...” he helped EunHyuk to masturbate himself.

It didn’t take long before the waves of orgasm swept through EunHyuk.

“Uuuuhg ...” EunHyuk sobbed as his sex spurting his seed into the mirror in front of him. KiBum held his face so he was watching the whole time.

KiBum’s hard rod twitched in EunHyuk’s passage, thrusting and panting violently as he neared his own bliss, and soon EunHyuk felt KiBum exploded, filling his insides with hot fluid.

KiBum pulled his softening arousal out of EunHyuk’s spent body, a trail of white substance trickled down EunHyuk’s thigh. He held EunHyuk and kissed him.

“Shall we take a bath?” he asked.

They kissed under the shower, washing each others affectionately under the warm water.

“I love you EunHyukkie”, KiBum said, “Nothing else matter”.

“KiBum ...” EunHyuk tried to say something back KiBum kissed him deep, “Don’t worry, just leave things up to me ...”

He carried EunHyuk and place the lean body to the bed.

“Stay with me?” EunHyuk pouted.

“Not now”, KiBum smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow”.

EunHyuk watched the man he loved dressing up and after KiBum was finished, he planted a kiss on EunHyuk’s forehead before leaving the room. EunHyuk tried to think but he dozed off under the warm sheets soon after the door was closed.
“I wish to marry EunJa”, KiBum announced to the mafia leader, his tone firm and clear.

The older man stopped flipping through the pages at the request. His eyes bore into KiBum’s.

“I promise I will give my best to make EunJa happy and I will try my hardest to provide for her”, KiBum continued.

If Kangin looked amused at the request, he didn’t try to hide it.

“Why do you think I should let you marry my daughter?” Kangin asked.

“Because of all people, I’m the one who could provide for her”, KiBum answered, “Being in this line of work, I know how to protect her and I will protect her with my life ... and most of all, I love her and she loves me.”

Leeteuk glanced at the two from the corner of his eyes.

“It is not a decision I can make for my daughter”, Kangin finally said, “You will have to ask her yourself ...” he looked at his side, to Leeteuk, “Teukie, could you fetch EunJa to join us here?”

Leeteuk nodded, “I will.”

After Leeteuk left the room, Kangin told KiBum, “If EunJa agrees, I only have one request for you.”


“After your marriage, I want you two to stay in this house, you know the condition with EunJa”, Kangin continued, “So under any circumstances, I want you to let me keep an eye on EunJa.”

“I have no objection to that Sir”, KiBum agreed.

The door was opened and EunJa arrived with Leeteuk.

EunJa looked worried at the tense situation between his father and lover. He entered the room with puzzled look, Leeteuk nudged him forward and he stood by KiBum in front of his father’s writing desk.

KiBum took EunHyuk’s hand in his, squeezing EunHyuk’s manicured fingers to assure him that everything was alright.

“Well, why don’t you ask EunJa yourself?” Kangin finally smiled.

EunHyuk was taken aback when suddenly KiBum knelt in front of him, presenting him with a diamond ring.

“EunHyuk, will you marry me?”
Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone
I keep waiting for you but you never come
Is this in my head? I don't know what to think
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring

And said, marry me Juliet
You'll never have to be alone
I love you and that's all I really know
I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
It's a love story baby just say yes

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  • Sticky Tape pt 1

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