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The Stolen Hour (1/3)

Title: The Stolen Hour
Chapter: 01/03
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: KiHyuk (main), bad people X hyuk
Genre: AU, set in Hour Of The Mice AU world
Warning: non-con, NC-17, gore
Summary: 2 years after the ending of Hour Of the Mice, KiBum came home one day and found that HyukJae was missing. Does that mean KiBum’s past is back to haunt him?
Notes: I found this:
And I can’t sleep thinking about the dogs there ... I can’t help any of those poor dogs, I guess letting Hyukkie and KiBum rescued one of them in this story would help me to ease my mind (TIIIIIIIIINY bit! Okay??) so I imagined the dog would be something big, KiBum-ish, and then I named her Samantha.
I hope you like this one and please say something if you read this chapter! Comments are very much appreciated!!

A near death experience changed the mind in one or many ways. KiBum believed and had proved on that. He was what he is because all of his past experience. He could not explain how those gruesome experiences curbed him and the way he thought. KiBum regretted what he did to keep HyukJae under his control back then, like forcing HyukJae to witness the gore and the killings he did, he knew the experience of blood changed HyukJae in the way only HyukJae knew.

It was one Sunday morning in a traditional market, that day was exactly eight months since they arrived in YeoSu. KiBum was buying something at the meat stall and HyukJae was waiting outside, wandering off on his own. When KiBum looked around, he couldn’t find HyukJae around him, it took him almost half an hour before KiBum could find HyukJae.

HyukJae was at the back of the market, this side of the market was different than the part where they went to get food. The sound and smell of the area was unmistakenly pointing out that this was the part where they sell dog meat.

“Hyukkie ...?” KiBum touched his lover’s hand, HyukJae was stoned, standing in front of a crate full of dogs, barking like mad, knowing the fate waiting for them.

Living in the heart of Seoul for all his life, HyukJae was most likely had never encounter this kind of sight. Dog eating was a habit neglected by the people living in big cities nowadays.

HyukJae pointed out to a large dog, looking miserable in a crate too small for its size, “The owner sold two dogs for money ...” HyukJae’s words were shaky, “They already killed the male dog ...” from the corner of his eyes, KiBum saw a man gutting a carcass of a large dog, he was sure HyukJae saw it too, “... they all saw her partner being killed ...” HyukJae couldn’t continue his sentence, the smell of blood was strong in the air.

“Hyukkie, listen to me, we can’t save them all”, KiBum tried to tell HyukJae.

“I know”, HyukJae’s tone was muffled, he pressed his face against KiBum’s chest. He didn’t say anything, KiBum thought he was sobbing but he wasn’t.

“... I was once ... a livestock too”.

KiBum didn’t know what to say to comfort HyukJae. A pang of guilt hit him.

He glanced at the female German Shepperd. Her eyes were full of terror, knowing what just happened to her mate, despite the fear, she was quiet, as if she was ready to embrace the unevitable death.

Those eyes, the fear, every tremor and whimper was not new for KiBum, he never regretted what happened to the people he killed back then, they all deserved it. But he did regret how he scarred HyukJae.

“How much for that large dog over there?” KiBum asked the butcher when he paused to sharpen his knives, “I want that one alive!”

The look on HyukJae’s eyes when KiBum put the rope to lead the dog on his hand was precious. KiBum almost believed that he saved HyukJae’s life for the second time.

They called the dog Sam, short for Samantha, the name HyukJae found in an American movie. Like HyukJae, she was timid and fearful at the beginning, but unlike HyukJae, she picked herself fast and soon she pushed all her past behind her.

KiBum was not even a dog person, he didn’t dislike pets, but having one never crossed his mind before. HyukJae on the other hand, had always wanted to have a dog since he was little but never got the chance, so Sam and him bonded quickly. HyukJae was the one who would take Sam for a long walk in the morning, made sure she ate properly, washed her when KiBum complained that she started to smell, and played fetch with Sam until they ran out of breath.

“She’s just like you”, KiBum commented one night when Sam cried out because they left her on the other room. It was raining, and apparently Sam didn’t like the sound of thunder.

After a few weeks, KiBum changed his mind. He started to take Sam for a walk after work, he helped HyukJae to wash the dog when she got dirty, he even talked to the dog when HyukJae wasn’t around.

When HyukJae heard KiBum talking to the dog, he smiled and said nothing.

Things went on naturally for the three of them and when KiBum did realize something was changing, he was grateful because for once, he had a place he could call home.
Thinking about how things used to be somehow made KiBum emotional, he had changed a lot from who he was in the past and now he was getting sentimental over things ... something he had never allowed himself to be two years a go.

Like it or not, HyukJae changed him.

KiBum pressed the bell button with Sam’s leash on his other hand. Sam was familiar with the surrounding, she’d been here a couple of times but this time she was a little nervous and restless, she must be sensing something was wrong with HyukJae’s absense.

The door was opened by a woman, she smiled widely at the sight of KiBum and Sam.

“Good morning KiBum-sshi, and hello there, Sam!” she greeted them, “What can I do for you today?”

“Good morning Yuri-sshi, I’m really sorry to bother you at this short notice but HyukJae’s dad died, I’m going to catch up with him today and I need to board Sam for a couple of days until we’re done in Seoul”, KiBum made up a lie.

“I see ... that’s too bad, tell HyukJae-sshi that I’m so sorry for his loss”, the vet seemed to believe KiBum’s lie, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of Sam while you’re away.”

“Thank you”, KiBum replied.

After leaving Sam with the vet, KiBum directed his way to the high way.

He knew his answers would be in Seoul.
HyukJae opened his eyes but he couldn’t see anything. He realized that his eyes were blind folded and his arms were tied. He tried to listen to his surroundings and realized that he was in some type of vehicle. It wasn’t a car, as he was placed neatly on his back against a hard surface, a car would have smaller space. No one was talking but he knew there were at least two other persons close by.

The stale feeling around his mouth reminded him

He felt dizzy as he tried to remember what happened.

He was home and was drinking water when he heard someone coming in, he thought it was KiBum, but what happened then? Was he unconscious for long? He hoped whoever kindapped him didn’t hurt Sam ...

The vehicle stopped and he heard the door was opened.

HyukJae heard some people talking, he couldn’t understand them as they spoke Chinese. They took him out of the car and soon the cold air hit him. HyukJae could smell the air and was sure that he was not anywhere his home anymore. He could hear the sound of the traffic from afar and even the train.

HyukJae got a strong feeling that he was back to Seoul.

“How was it?” HyukJae heard someone close by asked to his kidnappers.

“Piece of cake, just like stealing candies from a baby.”

“Bring him in, HeeChul wants him to get ready”, another man ordered.
DongHae got in to his car and started the engine, he was only been away from the parking lot for a few minutes when he felt rather than heard something from the backseat.

“Shit! KIBUM!” he was shocked to see KiBum sitting on the back seat, looking back at him, “Are you crazy? What are you doing here?! They’re still searching for you!”

“I need help”, KiBum answered calmly.

“Where’s HyukJae?”

“He was kidnapped.”

“By who?”

“That’s what I’m trying to find out.” The calmness in KiBum’s tone was alarming. This was the same KiBum who ordered the death of his opponent, this was not the KiBum DongHae met at the pier, the one who fled with HyukJae. This was the dangerous KiBum.

“How do you think I can help you finding him?”

“You have ears all over Seoul and you have eyes to see the alleys”, KiBum said knowingly.

DongHae sighed, at some sense, KiBum was right, he was a detective after all ...

“Okay, what do you have to start with?”

“Have you heard of ShiYuan Company?”

“ShiWon’s company?”


“ShiWon’s bitch took over the company after he’s dead, do you remember HeeChul? She’s one tough bitch and she’s starting to get involved with the Chinese Triad, I suspect that many of your old contacts are involve with them now.”

“How about Kangin?”

“Father-in-law got upset over the ambush he did to your place, it gave Kangin a lot of crap and his father-in-law had to bribe a lot of people to get him out of trouble, so he’s staying straight for the past two years, Leeteuk just has babies too so he’s trying to keep low although I don’t know for how long he’ll last.”


“Some says he’s siding with HeeChul, but no one really know about it, you should know him better of all people, he used to work for you remember?”

“Take me to his place.”

“But before that, I need to take you some where else”, DongHae said.

“It better be quick because I don’t have all day”, KiBum replied.

“I’m sure you won’t regret it ...”
The syringe was pulled from his arm, leaving a numb feeling to HyukJae’s senses. He was then placed on a soft cushioned surface. After a while, HyukJae felt his whole body relaxed, it took a lot of effort for him to move his limbs although his senses weren’t dulled. To the opposite, his senses seemed to be doubled in sensitivity.

After a couple of minutes, the blind fold was removed and HyukJae blinked in surprise to find himself in a completely new environment.

The place resembled a room in a high rise building, the glass wall showed the view of the Han river, the sun was shining and HyukJae thought it must be around three in the afternoon. The room was clean, the carpet was beige with matching wall paper, he was laid on a soft leather sofa. A working desk was on the opposite way and at the other corner of the room, he saw an examination table and a tray of tools. A large cupboard and a shelf full of medical kit was on the wall.

HyukJae could bet on whatever he had at the moment that he knew who was involved in this whole ordeal.

But he wished he was wrong.

“Hello Hyukkie”, a voice greeted him and HyukJae almost fainted.

He was right.

He was at YeSung’s private practice.

“You don’t seem too happy to see me?” YeSung smiled widely, he told his assistants to take HyukJae to the table and despite HyukJae trying to struggle, he was weak like a newborn baby, “You didn’t think that I would forget about you just like that did you?” he chuckled.

The two assistants started to take off HyukJae’s clothes and secured HyukJae’s limbs to the table. HyukJae moaned in protest but it was useless.

“W-why ...?” he finally questioned YeSung, “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I was paid”, YeSung anwered nonchalantly, “Don’t want to disappoint the customer right, Hyukkie? Afterall, they paid me to do what I’ve always enjoy to do ...”

The doctor ran his fingers against HyukJae’s nude body, “I see you haven’t changed much Hyukkie ...”

“N... no ...” HyukJae tried hard to escape YeSung’s hand, but the drug on his system prevented him from moving too much or even making more noise.

YeSung drank the view in front of him greedily, HyukJae had changed since the last time, the young man in front of him was now slightly more muscled than two years a go, his skin was a shade darker, most likely because he was exposed to the sun, his hands were slightly calloused, but HyukJae was still attractive and so innocent despite the years.

“Does KiBum take good care of you?” YeSung smirked, tracing the muscles on HyukJae’s stomach, down to his sex, now laying limply against HyukJae’s white thigh.

HyukJae tried to glare at the doctor.

“You are much more stubborn than the last time we met, Hyukkie”, YeSung chuckled, “But you know it’s no use ... shall we start?”

“Let’s see how your nerves react to stimulation ...” he took HyukJae’s left nipple and rolled the bud between his fingers, HyukJae closed his eyes, his breath hitched at his throath.

YeSung’s other hand pinched HyukJae’s right nipple, his fingers were cold and the sensation bit into HyukJae’s nerves, causing him to gasp in surprise.

“Nice reflex”, YeSung grinned, “Your nipples are always sensitive Hyukkie ... I’m sure your new master will like that!” he pulled HyukJae’s nipple, causing HyukJae to hiss in pain, “Now let’s see ...”

He cleaned HyukJae’s body with a wet sponge, he seemed to enjoy his time, as HyukJae was blushing to all his oh-so-careless touch. He paid special attention to some of HyukJae’s bodyparts, making HyukJae felt horrible.

When YeSung lifted HyukJae’s leg off the table to bend it on his knee, HyukJae forced his muscles to move his leg to kick the doctor, but his effort only resulted in slipping his leg off YeSung’s hand.

YeSung clicked his tongue disapprovingly, “You’re getting naughty Hyukkie ... didn’t KiBum teach you anything?”

HyukJae glared.

“I am not ... his slave ... or play thing”, he managed to hiss at the doctor.

“Such stubborness ... You need to be punished”, YeSung said, “Your new master wouldn’t want that kind of attitude!”

YeSung turned around and fetched a bottle of clear lube from a shelf, HyukJae knew what was coming and prayed that whatever he predicted to come wouldn’t come but he knew he was losing as YeSung parted his legs, reaching for his entrance.

YeSung circled the tight bud with his finger, however, he didn’t pushed into the opening.

With a smirk, he left HyukJae to get something from the drawer. The cold air conditioner caressing his skin in such strange way, HyukJae never thought air conditioner could give such feeling to his skin.

Or it could be the drug YeSung injected into him earlier ...

Then it came.

HyukJae hissed in surprise when a blunt object was pressed against his opening, it was round and slippery with something, just a bit smaller than a ping pong ball. As the device was pushed into him, HyukJae tried hard to resist but his effort was weak.

HyukJae forced himself to look down and saw YeSung holding something that looked like a chain of rubber balls. The balls were varied in size, the smaller was the first he was trying to press into HyukJae and from then on, the size gradually larger.

“Uuuugh ...” HyukJae whimpered.

“Don’t be stubborn Hyukkie, just relax and take it in”, YeSung was too enthusiastic at what he was doing, finally the ball entered HyukJae’s tight bud, and with a ‘POP’ it was inside.

HyukJae didn’t have time to sigh in relief as another ball was pressed into his opening.

“Ah ... n-no ... don’t ...” HyukJae tried to reject the intrusion.

“You need to be taught a lesson Hyukkie, I guess KiBum spoiled you too much you forgot how to behave”, YeSung replied, and another ball was pressed into HyukJae, forcefully entering HyukJae.

“Uuuhnn ...” HyukJae’s moans were soft although he wanted to scream as more balls were pushed into his rectum. He felt very full and the balls were cramped inside him, he let out another moan as YeSung pushed another ball.

“This is the last one Hyukkie!” he told HyukJae triumphantly, “You like it don’t you?”

“No ... feels ... strange ...” HyukJae panted.

And to his horror, his member was standing erect due to the stimulation on his tight passage.

“Hyaaa ....nnnn ...”

“You don’t like it?” YeSung grinned, “But your body said otherwise ...” he fondled HyukJae’s organ even more. The doctor seemed to know what to do, every touch and pull he did only made HyukJae’s arousal to harden, drops of precum started to form from the head of HyukJae’s swollen cock.

“N... nooo ... please ... ooooh...”

He could feel the pressure of the balls inside his rectum, he could sense them bumping into his insides, creating a strange friction. His tight passage protested at the strange feeling, trying to push out the intruding balls out, but didn’t succeeded.

“Your body is very delicious Hyukkie, I your new master is really lucky!”, and with no warning, YeSung pulled the chain of beads abruptly out of HyukJae. The sensation sent a complete shock to HyukJae’s brain and delivered to HyukJae’s crotch.

HyukJae’s member squirted his load in such strong intensity, he had never experienced such orgasm, the fact that YeSung forced him to orgasm made his cheeks glowed in embarasment but he couldn’t stop his member from spurting semen until his sacs were emptied and painful.

“That’s a good boy”, YeSung cooed.

HyukJae laid limp on the bench, he was humiliated, his abused opening and softening member sore due to the forced orgasm, the drug still made him weak and the intensity of his ejaculation added to that.

YeSung smiled as he clean HyukJae with a wet cloth, chatting happily about things that didn’t make any sense for HyukJae.

After he was done, a knock was heard from the door, YeSung left HyukJae to answer the door. He didn’t even take the time to cover HyukJae’s naked body.

“Having fun much?” a woman entered the room, she glanced at HyukJae laying on the bench and asked, “Is that the one or you’re just wasting your time playing with your toy?”

“Yes he is”, YeSung grinned proudly.

The woman stood by the table, examining HyukJae’s form and finally foccusing on HyukJae’s face, their eyes met and for a second, HyukJae could feel the chill ran up to his spine. This woman was dangerous, he could sense that.

“A beauty that turned the whole city up and down, huh?” she smiled and HyukJae found himself hating the smile, her fingers were wrapped around HyukJae’s thin neck, they tightened around HyukJae’s neck, threatening to crush his windpipe.

And she was still smiling. HyukJae struggled to breath, but the drug was still on his system, preventing him to escape.

“Do you think you can take what belongs to Kim HeeChul and get away just like that? You and your so called boyfriend ... “

Suddenly the smile turned cold and cynical, “You’ll regret everything soon enough!”

Suddenly the fingers were gone. HyukJae was left panting and coughing. The last reminder of the woman was her menacing smile.
DongHae took KiBum to an an old building at the bad part of the city. He gave KiBum a hat and a scarf so KiBum wouldn’t be easily recognized. The building they entered was once a luxurious hotel, but ten years a go, a mafia war started at the hotel, killing 20 people and causing the hotel to close. Now it was serving as a cheap apartment for people who mostly could not get a proper apartment because of their criminal background.

The ancient elevator croaked loudly as DongHae closed the door and manually operated it. KiBum was getting impatient as the lift moved so slow before it stopped at the12th floor.

“What is it?” KiBum asked impatiently.

“Just wait for the surprise”, DongHae smirked.

DongHae knocked the door at the room 1205.


KiBum thought he recognized the voice, but before he could make a guess, the door was opened and a familiar face greeted him.


ChaeRin’s eyes widened in surprise, her hand covered her mouth.


“I’m back”, KiBum grinned.

The girl quickly hugged KiBum.

“I thought you were ... Oh my God! KiBum...! How come you never contact me?!”

KiBum hugged back.

“I’m sorry ChaeRin, it’ll only put you in bigger danger”, KiBum said.

“Hey, I have another surprise for you”, DongHae nudged KiBum’s shoulder.

“Yes! You should come in!” ChaeRin pulled her ex-boss into the small apartment.

And when KiBum entered the apartment, he saw another familiar face.



This time KiBum could not hide his surprise, “You’re supposed to be dead!”

“You’re the one who’s supposed to be dead!” ShinDong exclaimed back.

“I saw you down that night!”

“Well I didn’t!” ShinDong then eyed DongHae, “You told me that he was dead!”

“He didn’t want to be found so I faked his death”, DongHae shrugged.

“How about you?!”

“I had bullet-proof vest that night but some of the bullets did hurt me, I was unconscious when ChaeRin found me, DongHae claimed that I was dead so the cops were not looking for me”, ShinDong explained, “How about you Hyung? Where have you been? And where’s HyukJae?”

“I’ll tell you about that later, but now I need to find HyukJae.”

“What happened Hyung?”

“He was kidnapped.”

The short answer was enough to explain everything.

In the next twenty minutes, everybody had all the details they needed. Apparently ShinDong and ChaeRin been living together since the incident. ChaeRin helped ShinDong to get back on his feet and she also kept an eye on the whole underground world although she hid herself under the shadow. They knew that if the wrong people knew that they were still alive, they would easily been killed, two of KiBum’s most trusted people would still be wanted by everyone knowing the amount of secrets they kept. Even if KiBum was dead.

“I’m sure you’ll need a plan to get HyukJae back, Boss”, ChaeRin concluded.

“I do have a plan”.

“No you don’t”, ChaeRin replied, “You came to DongHae here is enough of a proof that you’re lacking a plan”, she continued, “And I bet you don’t even have a proper gun to start with”.

KiBum tried to protest, but ChaeRin went to another room. KiBum sighed, he knew he chose the right girl when he met ChaeRin, even during his days as a mafia leader, ChaeRin was always his right hand.

“Hyung, let us help you”, ShinDong said.

“You’re all free I am no longer your employer”, KiBum objected.

“Hyung ...”

“Let’s start with this”, she gave a box to KiBum.

KiBum opened the box and found a gun.

His gun.

“ChaeRin ...”

“Come on boss, you know you can always count on us”, she grinned, “We’re in or what?”

“Let’s go get Hyukkie”, KiBum finally agreed.

To Be Continued

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