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Sticky Tape pt 1

Title: Sticky Tape (1/2)
Author: arcee_bee
Pairing: HaeHyuk
Genre: NC-17
Warning: Non-con, smut, 3P
Summary: "If you scream, your neighbors will come and you wouldn’t want them to see you like this, huh?” DongHae pulled HyukJae to the sofa, exposing HyukJae’s body to his eyes, “... all aroused and hot ... I could just say that I’m your boyfriend and we’re having some kinky sex here ...”
Notes: I just checked my journal and found out that i've been making smuts for the past ... 1-2-3- ... 8 months! should i be proud of myself?? ^.^
well this is my first haehyuk, it's quite ... uh ... different than what i thought it would be but ... * shrugs * i guess this will do. Tell me if you like this story and i'll post the 2nd part soon!

HyukJae pushed the door and found that the front key was broken, he stepped into his apartment carefully and saw the cabinet at the living room was opened. Someone had crashed into his apartment.

And that someone was still there.

“Don’t move”.

The man was holding a knife, he stood close behind HyukJae, knife placed close to HyukJae’s neck, he studied the owner of the house as an idea formed in his mind.

HyukJae tried to turn around, but the man held his wrists together and pushed HyukJae to the direction of the sofa. There, he saw the man had removed the chandelier, to his horror, the man bonded his wrists together and tied the rope up to the hanger on the ceiling.

“Look, you can take whatever you want but d-...”

The man cupped HyukJae’s face, stopping his plea, he looked young, probably the same age as HyukJae.

He smirked.

“My name is DongHae”, he told HyukJae, “Remember that when you’re screaming my name later.”

HyukJae’s eyes widened in fear. What is this robber going to do to him??

Without wasting any more time, DongHae divested HyukJae from his shirt. He was satisfied with his choice of victim, although he didn’t find much money and valuables in the apartment, the owner of the apartment was no less interesting.

HyukJae tried to struggle, hoping to get away from the bond, but his effort was fruitless as DongHae tied his wrists tightly. DongHae licked his lips, thanking his luck. Slowly, he traced the knife to the milky white skin, enjoying the goosebumps rising.

HyukJae struggled more as DongHae was enjoying the sight, however, HyukJae decided to put up a fight when DongHae undid his belt.

“What are you doing?! No! Let me go!!” HyukJae screamed, DongHae rolled his eyes and used HyukJae’s shirt to cut off HyukJae’s protests.

“Mmfh!” HyukJae’s voice was muffled behind the shirt, “Mmmm!!”

“Don’t be so tense HyukJae-ah ...” DongHae said nonchalantly, “I promise you, we’ll have so much fun tonight!” he successfully lowered HyukJae’s jeans and pulled the material off HyukJae’s legs. HyukJae’s boxer followed soon, leaving HyukJae completely naked.

“You have nice body, HyukJae-sshi ... mind if I have a taste?”

Without waiting for HyukJae’s answer, DongHae licked a trail down from HyukJae’s neck to his chest, his fingers playing with HyukJae’s nipple, making the sensitive buds to harden and stood erect.

“Hmpff!” HyukJae’s protests were muffled by the shirt, he fought hard to avoid DongHae’s touch, but DongHae had the upper hand and held HyukJae by the torso to still him.

DongHae continued to ravage the nude body in front of him, tasting and feeling the smooth skin, pinching and licking here and there, as HyukJae squirmed uncomfortably under DongHae’s ministration.

“You like this don’t you?” DongHae grinned as he played with HyukJae’s member.

“Hmmpfh!!” HyukJae moaned as suddenly DongHae took HyukJae’s shaft into his mouth, ignoring HyukJae’s frantic effort to escape, DongHae started to deep throathing the growing member, manipulating the organ to full arousal with his skilled mouth.

He knew he was winning as he felt HyukJae’s moved his hips, trying to get more of the delicious sensation on his shaft.

DongHae pulled back as he sensed HyukJae was close.

“Hmmmh!!” HyukJae’s moan was of a protest as DongHae removed his mouth from HyukJae’s now burning arousal. He stared at DongHae with glassed eyes, begging for him to do something ... anything.

“Okay, now let’s start this game”, DongHae cut the rope tying HyukJae to the ceiling hanger, letting HyukJae to fall to the floor with a thud. HyukJae hurriedly took off the shirt muffling his mouth and made an effort to scramble to the door.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you”, DongHae warned HyukJae, “If you scream, your neighbors will come and you wouldn’t want them to see you like this, huh?” DongHae pulled HyukJae to the sofa, exposing HyukJae’s body to his eyes, “... all aroused and hot ... I could just say that I’m your boyfriend and we’re having some kinky sex here ...” he tugged at HyukJae’s weeping arousal, causing HyukJae to emmit a soft mewl.

“... such a lewd body ...” DongHae commented, tracing patterns on HyukJae’s skin, “You get aroused so easily .... what a slut ...” he palmed HyukJae’s member a few times, when he sensed HyukJae was about to reach his limit, he squeezed the base of HyukJae’s shaft.


“Not now baby ... I know you want to come but not now ...”

“W-what do you want ...?”

DongHae smiled sweetly at his victim, “I want to fuck your sweet ass, I want to come inside you, and by then you will come for me ...”

“No! Let me go! Pl-please ...!”

DongHae held the struggling young man, he was trying to break away from DongHae’s firm hold, now he was on his stomach by the white sofa, DongHae’s erection jumped at the feeling of HyukJae’s ass connected to his arousal although it was purely accidentally.

Grinning in satisfaction, DongHae slapped HyukJae’s butt cheeks, he positioned HyukJae so he was leaning against the back of the sofa.

“NO! Don’t do this ...!” HyukJae squirmed harder against his captor.

“Shut up or I’ll have to gag you!” DongHae threatened.

He held HyukJae’s writs on his back with one hand and used the other hand to part HyukJae’s butt.

“Are you a virgin HyukJae?”

HyukJae’s face blushed in embarassment, he had girlfriends before but knowing what the other man was referring to then he had to admit that he was a virgin in that field.

He didn’t get to say anything as suddenly a slick finger was pushed into his tight opening.


“I guess you are a virgin huh?” HyukJae could feel the other man’s smug smile.

The finger entered his body persistently, luckily DongHae put something to make the penetration easier, HyukJae could smell the faint scent of vanilla but could not recognize what the other man was using as a substitude to lube.

“Ah!” HyukJae’s body lurched forward as another finger was added. DongHae had released his hands and now he was crawling on his four against the sofa. He kept trying to avoid DongHae’s touch although he didn’t succeeded much.

“You better stay put because you like it or not I’ll be fucking you tonight”, DongHae used his hand to hold on HyukJae’s hip, forcing HyukJae to stay.

“Oooh ...!” HyukJae’s body was lurched forward as DongHae shoved his fingers deeper, this time they found something inside HyukJae that brought HyukJae’s denied orgasm back, he played with the little nub inside HyukJae a little, making HyukJae whimpered and at some point, HyukJae was thrusting back to his fingers.

Once again, as HyukJae was nearing his orgasm, DongHae pulled his fingers.

“Nnggh ...!” HyukJae whimpered.

He was pushed to lay on the sofa as DongHae pulled his shirt off, “You’re gonna scream my name, remember?” DongHae grinned, he unzipped his pants and with no hesitation pulled off his boxers.

HyukJae was caught staring at DongHae dumbly, he knew he was supposed to escape, but his body wouldn’t cooperate. The lust DongHae had successfully lit inside of him was freezing his brain, allowing DongHae to order his body to succumb.

DongHae’s body was well-toned, muscles rippled under his tanned skin, not bulky enough to be a body builder but enough to show HyukJae that his captor was stronger than him.

And when HyukJae’s eyes lowered to DongHae’s crotch ...

He blushed in instant as he saw the other man’s arousal, the organ was larger than his, erect and full of life. DongHae smiled at HyukJae’s reaction, he palmed his member deliberately. He knew HyukJae was watching and he took his time playing with himself.

DongHae used the vanilla scented body lotion he found at the table to lather his arousal, before straddling HyukJae.

“Now ... what’s my name again?”

That was all the warning HyukJae got before DongHae rammed his cock up to HyukJae’s virgin hole.

“Uwaaaaaah!!” HyukJae moaned, “Nnnn...!”

DongHae pulled back and rammed his member deeper into HyukJae, causing HyukJae to moan harder.

After a few thrusts, DongHae found HyukJae’s special spot and brutally thrusting harder into the same spot again and again. HyukJae was reduced into a helpless moaning mess under DongHae’s ministration, his body hot and sensitive, begging for release.

“My name ... call my name!” DongHae demanded between thrusts, rubbing small circles around the head of HyukJae’s cock teasingly, taking HyukJae closer to his orgasm.

“H-Hae ... D-DongHa ... aah ... DongHae!”

DongHae grunted in satisfaction, hearing his name being called over and over again by the smaller man. He liked the way his name spilled from HyukJae’s mouth.

Suddenly, a ringtone was heard, followed by vibrating sound of pastic against wooden floor. DongHae reached to take his phone, scattered on the floor as he got rid of his pants earlier. He saw the name of the caller and handed it to HyukJae.

“Answer it.”

HyukJae’s eyes saw the name, KiBum. He didn’t even know the guy!

“Wh-what?!” HyukJae could not believe his ears, but DongHae squeezed his balls between his fingers tightly, making his whimpered in pain. HyukJae got the idea and did as he was told, “Uh ... hello?”

“DongHae? Where are you man?” the caller questioned.

“Ugh ... a-ah ...” HyukJae couldn’t stiffle a set of moans as DongHae continued to pound into him.

“Who is this?”

“Lee ... HyukJae ...”

“I see ... where’s DongHae?”

“Tell him I’m ... ugh ... busy”, DongHae who heard the conversation told HyukJae, biting HyukJae’s earlobe as he said it.

“He’s ...aah ... busy ...” HyukJae panted.

“What is he doing?!”

“Uh ... he’s ...” HyukJae’s brain seemed to freeze perfectly, all his body cared about was DongHae, making him feel so good, and all the dirty promises he gave to HyukJae’s body.

“He’s ... fucking me”.

And he could not believe that he just said it.

“Tell him to come over ...” DongHae ordered.


“You heard me!” he pumped HyukJae’s weeping arousal faster, causing HyukJae’s knees to wobble underneath him, getting closer to release, “... invite him over and I’ll let you come.”

“Ah ... pl-please ...” HyukJae could feel tears in his eyes as he was guided closer to release but as he was so near, DongHae would deny him of the sweet bliss he was craving.

“Remember ... nicely”, DongHae warned as he bit HyukJae’s neck.

“Would you come over ... KiBum-sshi?” HyukJae finally croaked out between pants and whimpers.

“Give him your address”, DongHae slapped HyukJae’s butt, “Don’t be a stingy host!”

HyukJae gave up, he told the man on the other line his full address.

He could not even remember if it was him or DongHae who flipped the phone off as he was turned around and DongHae pounded harder into HyukJae with his hand doing magic around his hard organ, the sensation was so good and overwhelming for HyukJae’s over sensitive nerves. Just a few strokes and HyukJae came harder than ever.

The pressure of having his orgasm denied a couple of times earlier made HyukJae’s member erupted hard, spilling semen into the wooden floor as his insides spasming and clenched hard against DongHae’s shaft.

DongHae gave a long moan, his own orgasm was nearing fast, and in a matter of seconds, he could not stop himself from ejaculating inside HyukJae’s tight passage.

His victim panted hard, letting out small whimpers, feeling the alien sensation of DongHae filling him with his hot cum.

It took seconds later before DongHae’s brain could work properly again, he disengaged himself from HyukJae’s spent body, pulling out and laid on the floor next to his victim. A trickle of come escaped HyukJae’s abused entrance, painting an erotic line down to the back of HyukJae’s thigh.

He could hear HyukJae cursed softly.

“It’s not rape when you enjoy it”, DongHae kissed HyukJae’s neck.

HyukJae wanted to argue, but DongHae kissed his mouth, muffling his protests with a kiss. DongHae dominated the kiss, licking and tasting the older man. HyukJae was sweet, a mixture of strawberries and cream, delicious and somehow innocently sweet.

The kiss ended as a knock was heard on the door.

“You better answer that”, DongHae nudged HyukJae.

HyukJae gave DongHae a disbelief look.

“It’s your place afterall ...” he sat up on the sofa, lighting a cigarette.

HyukJae crawled to his feet, feeling sore as he stood up too quickly. He stood up on his wobbly feet, trying to find something to cover himself but DongHae stopped him.

“Don’t bother to cover yourself, you look sexy like this”, he said.

The knock was getting more persistent.

DongHae smiled to himself, he made himself comfortable on the sofa as he puffed his cigarette. This would be so interesting ...

HyukJae finally opened the door, he hid himself behind the door, trying to reveal himself as little as possible.

“M-may I help y-you?” he stuttered, face blushing in shame as he was naked behind the door. The visitor was a total stranger for him, he had never seen the guy before, but why the guy was smiling knowingly?

“Of course”, his smirk widened, “My name is Kim KiBum, and you just invited me to come over an hour a go”.

HyukJae thought he would die in embarassment.

“Aren’t you going to let me in, Hyukkie?”

How KiBum sent shivers to HyukJae's spine with the simple question was beyond HyukJae's thought, but he knew one thing, ... tonight was going to be a long night.


Tags: haehyuk, smut

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  • 2 drabbles

    Title: Super Junior Happy Drabbles Author: arcee_bee Rating: NC-17 Warning: 3some, group!sex, sexdoll!hyuk Pajama Party “...”…

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